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'Pimple' on cervix - should I worry?

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Ange8 Mon 08-Sep-03 12:02:19

During grappling with a mooncup (but that should be another thread!) I noticed a bump, the size of a small pimple, on my cervix. I'm not really sure if it's always been there, or if it has 'appeared', how long it might have been there. I have regular cervical smears, but the last one was a year or so ago. Does anyone know if this sounds like a normal (ie, normally irregular) feature of the cervix - or should I make an appointment with my doctor?


katierocket Mon 08-Sep-03 12:21:12

not sure at all ange8 - probably nothing but to be sure I'd make an appt at the doc - that way you can put your mind to rest.

acamum Mon 08-Sep-03 12:21:14

I wouldn't worry. I had one when I was pregnant. Doc said it was fairly common and he could check it out. I decided not to have it looked at due to pregnancy and it has since disappeared on its own.

motherinferior Mon 08-Sep-03 17:17:16

I've always had one.

princesspeahead Mon 08-Sep-03 17:52:41

I was sure this was going to be one of Coddy's thread titles....

Cha Mon 08-Sep-03 18:43:33

I had one during my pregnancy (and probably still have it - haven't checked, only gave birth a week ago...) and my GP said it was perfectly normal and to stop poking about and leave it alone. So I did. Will have a smear in 3 months to make sure.

bloss Mon 08-Sep-03 23:50:13

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Tue 09-Sep-03 09:51:09

Ange8, I noticed this when I used to have a cap. When I had my next smear I asked about it and was told it was perfectly normal and the cervix isn't always perfectly smooth. So it sounds similar. I would ask your doctor next time you go but I don't think it sounds worrying in the light of my experience anyway. Still, go if you're worried. Or call NHS Direct? Bloss, no it doesn't hurt! I got used to doing it when I had a cap and had to check it was positioned properly (you have to be able to feel the cervix through it).

Boe Tue 09-Sep-03 10:19:54

I have one too (was checking for thread from coil at time) which I got really upset about and convinced myself it was yu know what and I was on my way out - even got DP tohave a feel (he was a bit grossed out) just to make sure I was not imagining it - Dr said that lots of women have pimples/moles etc on their cervixs and I should check that it does not grow or change shape but other than that he said I am fine and should not be overly worried.

Make sure you go for regular smears and keep an eye on it.

bloss Tue 09-Sep-03 10:22:08

Message withdrawn

Boe Tue 09-Sep-03 10:39:25

Apparently my cervix dips down and I have a very shallow you know what - glad am not meeting anyo f you face to face now - never touched another womans so would not know I am afraid - I can touch my epiglotis too though which I have always thought was quite clever!!

Ange8 Tue 09-Sep-03 14:10:41

Thanks everyone! I'm reassured to know that other people have this, and I'm not that abnormal (well - not in that respect anyway...). I have made an appointment to see my family planning clinic doctor next week, and I might ask her if she will do a smear, just to put my mind at rest.

Bloss - strangely, the distance to my cervix seems to be very short ... I had real trouble getting the mooncup comfortable because there didn't seem far to go - had to cut off the tail completely. I was just checking this problem out before deciding whether or not to send the mooncup back when I discovered said 'pimple' (perhaps a more vivid image than you needed...?)


Northerner Tue 09-Sep-03 14:40:19

Boe - you can touch your epiglotis? What/where is that?!

Furball Tue 09-Sep-03 14:43:31

Boe - Whats your epiglotis doing down by your cervix!!!

Boe Tue 09-Sep-03 15:15:20

Epiglotis is the peice of skin that covers your windpipe - as far as I know mine is at the other end of my torso and no where near my cervix????

Aaaaa123 Mon 11-Jul-16 06:16:26

While putting tampon i found a bump pimple size tiny dot on my cervix but the last time when i put my finger to check it get mashed or squezzed by mistake bt i didn't feel any pain or bleeding what should i do plzz help should i get worried or its completely normal plzz reply asap

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