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I'm thinking of going to Allen Carr stop smoking clinic...

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Jenniferyellowcat Mon 18-Mar-19 18:39:32

I know this is an old post but I did the course 15 years ago and it was brilliant! (And worked). I also really enjoyed the day.

W3st Mon 18-Feb-19 10:11:12

I have read the book albeit quickly but am really struggling as it seems will- power based. Any tips, shall I read again? Withdrawal symptoms like an illness at the moment. I do want to get rid of vaping which seems more addictive than cigarettes. Higher nicotine content???

birdfuse Mon 07-Feb-11 21:36:29

I don't know if this is an okay thing to post because i actually work in the office at Allen Carr's clinic in London (moderator - I won' be upset if you have to delete if this is out of order hmm)
I just wanted to say that i've got my clinic manager to agree to offer £50 discount off the normal Stop Smoking Session session price for Mumsnet members - please feel free to email or visit you want details.
Apologies for the promotion blush but it sounds like a lot of MNers have used Allen Carr in the past and others might be interested?
(btw I came here to work after stopping smoking at the London clinic 12 years ago. best thing i ever did)
Good luck to all whatever you try.

justsue Wed 02-Feb-11 23:30:43

Hi just to say I am in the middle of reading his book and have changed so many things in the past couple of weeks.

Had car cleaned; no smoking in the car
Instead of lighting a cig after a meal I go and wash and clear up.
When I wake up in the morning instead of lighting a cig (in the first ten mins) I make a cup of tea.

Am getting to the stage of the book where I am hopefully going to be a non smoker (I smoke over 20 a day).

I have every faith in his book even though I am smoking right this very min. His book advises this, I am hoping by Friday that will be it for me. My sister read his book two years ago and has not smoked since

Good luck and I will read back into this thread with interest and certainly give you all feedback

LADYBOAK Wed 02-Feb-11 10:49:51

Thank you so much for your replies, a couple of years, I have tried the book but it didnt work I was in bad situation, enormous stress and pmt...I want to give another go to the book especially reading your experiences !! Thank you so much !

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chicadee Tue 01-Feb-11 13:31:07

I went several years ago and it worked. I was 20 a day marlborough for 12 years, then cut down to 'only' smoking rolies, but couldn't stop all togehter. The workshop worked. I went in a pretty desperate smoker, and came out a happy non smoker. Go for it. I won't say 'good luck' because I'm sure it will work for you too.

dreamsofsea Tue 01-Feb-11 13:26:47

I used his alcohol book and havent had a drop, nor wanted one at all for a couple of years now. I'd try the book before paying for a clinic. Good luck.

Flisspaps Tue 01-Feb-11 13:10:50

I used the book. Haven't smoked in nearly five years.

AvaBanana Tue 01-Feb-11 13:09:57

The book helped me give up 7 years ago.

Matthias Tue 01-Feb-11 13:09:07

The Allen Car book 'how to stop smoking' is superb, my husband (30 a day) used his method via the book, and hasn't smoked since May '90.

NoWayNoHow Mon 31-Jan-11 11:24:31

I don't have any direct experience with it, but I do have three friends who did it.

Friend 1 went from 40 a day to nothing almost 10 years ago, and hasn't backslid.

Friend 2 also went from 40 a day to nothing. Had to smoke for his job (he's an actor), but was still able to limit it just to the one on stage, and one a day when he wasn't (had to keep having same volume to keep singing voice the same!)

Friend 3 stopped for a couple of years, but moved to UAE and picked it up again as all expats out there apparently smoke?

LADYBOAK Mon 31-Jan-11 11:19:49

Could you please share your experience with me ?? Thank you

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