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Urticaria - specifically pressure urticaria

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Foxinsocks Sat 29-Jan-11 21:35:49

Does anyone here have delayed pressure urticaria (or even just normal urticaria)?

having suffered from a painful, burning rash for about 10 years which has mystified the GP (i.e. they stopped trying to figure out what it was lol), I have realised today (eureka), that it is delayed pressure urticaria.

The only reason I realised this is that I have travelled a fair bit over the past few weeks and developed this rash both times on the hand that I was using to carry my suitcase. I also sometimes get it on my feet from standing and on my waist where my clothes are too tight!

I googled pressure rash and there it is!

I can't tell you how excited I am grin but now I'd like to know if anyone has it and how they treat it!

shine0ncrazydiamond Tue 22-Jan-13 13:43:21

Oh yes i have had this for years and get 'attacks' of it every day. I have ' dermatographia ' and nothing helps it really. A daily anti histamine can do but i'd rather just put up with the attacks which last twenty or so minutes.

It itches, I lightly scratch , I come up in big weals and could quite easily write my name on my arm if I so chose to grin

i saw a doctor some years ago and they were perplexed. I think i just have too much histamine or whatever < scientific > and i just put up with it.

shine0ncrazydiamond Tue 22-Jan-13 13:46:29

However, interestingly, I believe there is a link to other symptoms i have. I am in good health and take no medication whatsoever. I dont smoke or drink and am slim. I do suffer from Raynauds and very fine hair which can be a pain.

I am convinced there is a link.

Pikeymay Tue 22-Jan-13 13:51:00

Thank you everyone for your helpful responses. My docs aren't really taking it serious. Any irritation causes an outbreak and now if I get the cold my throat is swelling so it feels like I can't breath. Don't want to go back to doc after going to a&e with breathing difficulty and told it was just the cold and to go home......

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