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should I invest in an exercise machine?

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allhallows Sun 09-Oct-05 19:28:18

Or is it a waste of money? it's harder to exercise outdoors in the winter... would this be a solution or would it collect dust?

Mytwopenceworth Sun 09-Oct-05 19:36:34

I have a treadmill - top of the range, cost 3000, proper gym equipment.

it is in the outhouse covered in dust and was a total waste of money.

good intentions last for 10 minutes

or 5 on an incline!!!!!!

morningpaper Sun 09-Oct-05 19:38:05

I agree - spent a lot on a treadmill, used it for four weeks, sold it to someone else.

allhallows Sun 09-Oct-05 19:47:58

I was afraid you'd say that! Is there anyone out there who actually uses their bike/treadmill/whatever?

Eaney Sun 09-Oct-05 20:26:05

Yes, I bought a Cross Trainer/Ellipitical trainer fron JJB Sports for about £200. I have used 5 out of 7 days since I got it about 8 weeks ago.

I only do 20 mins but I think this is why I am keeping it up. I used to play sport regulairly (anout 8 hrs a week) before ds 5 years ago so I know I can commit to exercise.

My sister uses a bike machine at home for about 6mths. Trick is probably to not spend too much money on it so if you don;t use it ....

I also feel very guilty if I don't use it as it is there in my face.

allhallows Sun 09-Oct-05 21:10:34

I would love an elliptical trainer. I was going to the gym only to use that so I dropped out. £3000 is impossible for me, though. Are the cheaper ones okay?

Whizzz Sun 09-Oct-05 21:16:17

I bought one of those sit up bar things. I mentioned I was thinking of getting one to DH for ages & he kept saying 'you'll never use it'. SO I bought it to prove him wrong, used it about 5 times & now its in the garage !

Oh how smug he looks everytime he steps over it

projectmanagerCOd Sun 09-Oct-05 21:16:36

lard arse

allhallows Sun 09-Oct-05 21:19:04

WigWamBam Sun 09-Oct-05 21:19:12

Our exercise bike and cross-trainer made very expensive clothes-horses.

LIZS Sun 09-Oct-05 21:19:16

whizzz I saw mine when we moved but have no idea where it is now !! Assembled but never used. Got an exercise ball in Tesco this week but haven't got a clue what to do with it - felt better for buying it though - anyone know ! ?

Whizzz Sun 09-Oct-05 21:21:40

Years ago I also had a cheapo excercise was great for hanging clothes on

WigWamBam Sun 09-Oct-05 21:23:32

One of these days I must invest in a real clothes-horse and start using the machines.

Then again ...

greyriver Sun 09-Oct-05 21:41:17

i have just bought a treadmill online...literally, just 10 mins ago.....i need to keep repeating to myself that I AM GOING to use it and make the most of the £999 i have just spent dh will be v p*ssed off if i dont, i have been whining for one since giving birth to DD....its too expensive to end up in the shed with the rower and the excercise bikev

allhallows Sun 09-Oct-05 21:42:41


greyriver Sun 09-Oct-05 21:47:48

acutally, if i am honest, i saw britney spears on Chaotic running like mad on a treadmill, i looked at her and though how fit and pretty she looked running (and she could still talk whilst running ....i'm gonna get me one of those i those so i too can run and look fit etc.....oh dear, how the stark reality of me running on a treadmill will differ to that of britney

projectmanagerCOd Sun 09-Oct-05 21:49:44

mckenzie Sun 09-Oct-05 22:03:49

we have a little gym set up in our converted loft area. It was our present to ourselves when we bought this house. My advice would be to make sure that wherever you put the equipment, there is nothing else to catch your eye and make you think, oh heck i should actually be doing that (ie, dont put it anywhere near the ironing basket). Also, if possible have it within sight of the TV or within sound of the radio/stereo. Dh and i use ours probably 5 times a week and although it cost quite a bit to kit the room out, it's been money very very well spent. Just wish I could fit a treadmill in as well and then it would be perfect!

greyriver Sun 09-Oct-05 22:06:41

a pile of ironing near my treadmill would acutally keep running

greyriver Sun 09-Oct-05 22:08:01

"keep ME running" that should read

allhallows Sun 09-Oct-05 22:13:34

yes, it would have to be in front of the telly & away from the ironing!

Goldfish Sun 09-Oct-05 22:19:51

I had a whole room dedicated to a complete gym once. I used it about 6 times then sold it. I now have a rowing machine which makes a good clothes horse, also various unopened exercise DVDs. Stupid I know cos I definitely need to use them.

Eaney Mon 10-Oct-05 10:43:27

The £200 Ellipitical seems fine so far. It would be better on a solid floor as it wobbles a bit on the carpet/wood floors. It has a smooth action and I can feel a difference already.

One review of ellipiticals I read said that cheap ones won't last as long as the expensive ones but if they last long enough to get you exercising this they are worth it. You can always upgrade once your machine packs in assuming you have been exercising on a regular basis.

I think the thing about exercising at home is that it is more boring (you can't ogle other gym users) but you can play whatever music you like or set up a TV near you so that you can watch your fav programme. I think you also need to be honest with yourself. Do you have a history of good intentions not followed through or can you stick to something.

moondog Mon 10-Oct-05 10:47:56

lol greyriver!!
Nah don't bother. It's obscene to spend money on exercise equipment when people are dying of hunger.
Just walk a bit more...

Eaney Mon 10-Oct-05 14:34:45

Obscene- A bit strong. I can't walk more due to SI joint dysfunction and slipped disc. I need the low impact exercise machine to maintain any level of fitness.

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