Pre-school boosters - arm red and swollen

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Wallace Fri 07-Oct-05 20:30:37

Is this normal? The nurse said to expect "some redness" but her right upperarm is swollen and a large red patch covering most of the outer side. She had it on Wednesday, and it has been like this since that evening

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dinny Fri 07-Oct-05 20:33:58

I'd say to go to out-of-hours doc but what can they do for reactions to vaccinations? I don't know - someone here will probably have some advice. Hope your dd gets better soon.

WigWamBam Fri 07-Oct-05 20:36:10

My dd was like that with hers, it lasted a couple of weeks but it was only sore for a couple of days.

LadySherlockofLGJ Fri 07-Oct-05 20:36:50

My Ds does not appear to have been called for any, should I be alarmed ??

KBear Fri 07-Oct-05 20:38:44

Wallace, same happened to my DS recently when he had his. BIG red sore patch, size of a saucer and it was really hot to touch. Lasted a couple of days. He didn't complain about it although said it was a bit sore to touch. Doc said nothing they can do anyway. Hope it doesn't last long. It lasted about a week with DS.

Wallace Fri 07-Oct-05 20:41:19

Thanks, glad she isn't the only one. She seems fine in herself, and hasn't complaining so much about it hurting today. So must just be one of those things. If it gets worse, i'll phone the doc

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WigWamBam Fri 07-Oct-05 20:45:02

LGJ, how old is he? They usually have them just before they start Reception.


LadySherlockofLGJ Fri 07-Oct-05 23:01:31


LadySherlockofLGJ Fri 07-Oct-05 23:01:58

And in reception.

WigWamBam Fri 07-Oct-05 23:02:29

Give the surgery a call, see what they say.

LadySherlockofLGJ Fri 07-Oct-05 23:36:26

Will do.


singersgirl Sat 08-Oct-05 12:29:00

How is it today, LadySherlock? DS2 had a fairly large red swelling from his pre-school booster (about the size of a jam jar lid) and very hard swelling too. It has gradually gone down, but is still a bit red and hard 10 days later.

seg127 Wed 26-Feb-20 10:35:24

Hi there, My son had these jabs 2 days ago and still has a (worsening) swollen red and hot arm. Were your kids ok? What did GP do for it? Thank you!!

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