Genital herpes (TMI alert)

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JosieRosie Sat 22-Jan-11 10:32:22

Sorry to be discussing this lovely topic on a Saturday morning! I carry the herpes virus and had my first outbreak about 3 years ago - OMG is all I can say, I think I'm mentally scarred for life by that experience shock

Anyway, I'm currently experiencing another outbreak. It's about 2% of the awfulness of the first one but I have what feels like a couple of small sores on my inner labia, quite stinging when weeing but not at all unbearable. No fever, quite a lot of itching.

Do I just wait for it to pass or is there any home remedies I can try? I'm not in agony but it's DP's birthday on Tuesday and I have bought some hot new underwear to try out wink Obviously I know there can be no nookie until all symptoms have gone but I'm anxious to speed up the process if possible

Any tips gratefully received x

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whomovedmychocolate Sat 22-Jan-11 10:34:27

I think you can get some over the counter stuff at the pharmacy for that.

BlueCloud1973 Sun 23-Jan-11 21:15:06

You poor poor thing, I am feeling your herpes pain as am actually on here myself looking for some advice re this delightful topic.

I have never come accross any over the counter remedies for this. Some say zovirax cream helps but I dont think this is backed up by medical research and it never helped me anyway.

I was diagnosed in 1994 having had a stupid night of passion with (of all things!) A SAILOR. I guess I was one of the unlucky ones as had further recurrent outbreaks some lasting up to 10 days which were pretty horrific. (I found it and still do find it incredibly hard to discuss this with my DH although he does know I have/had it.) Anyway, cut a long story short and eventually I started on suppressive therapy for recurrent episodes. Aciclovir is a wonder drug and I have hardly had any problems since taking it regularly. So if you are finding regular outbreaks are happening this could be an option. They wont usually prescribe it unless you are having at least 6 attacks a year.

I have called the herpes virus association a couple of times too for support and with questions. They are a good resource and its nice to talk to someone who understands as I donot talk about this atall really to anyone.

I also have found certain things may bring on an attack eg nuts, popcorn and too much chocolate.

Good luck.

JosieRosie Mon 24-Jan-11 13:12:45

Thanks a lot BlueCloud. Did you at least have a fantastic time with the sailor? wink

My current episode has been going on for about 5 days now and is getting worse if anything. Still stinging and itching, and having shooting pains through what feels like the left side of my womb sad Didn't get to wear my sexy gear for DP yesterday so he will have to have a late birthday pressie!

Have booked in to see doc on Thursday and will demand Aciclovir STAT!

Hope you feel better soon x

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Davia Mon 24-Jan-11 17:56:06

Hi Josie,

I was diagnosed in 2003. When I was first diagnosed I had horrendous outbreaks, my god they were awful. One would finish (after lasting about 2 weeks) and another would start! I was on suppressant aciclovir for about 6 months which helped break the cycle. It does not stop you having an outbreak again while you're taking it, it just makes them a hell of a lot milder and the episodes shorter. It greatly reduces viral shedding as well. I went straight to my GUM clinic for suppressant aciclovir as my GPs were completely useless. They were brilliant at the GUM. Outbreaks will lessen in time but will never completely go away. I have had an outbreak once in the past 18 months.

Unfortunately with aciclovir it's only effective if you start taking it as SOON as you get the warning signs for a blister, ie tingling, shooting pains. Once you've already got the blister there's no point taking aciclovir as it won't do anything. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. . I don't know of anything else that will make it heal quicker. I've read and tried a lot of stuff but nothing has worked I'm afraid.

There is a brilliant website called H-ype you should check out. Articles are brilliant, written for people with HSV by people with HSV. Also a big community on there if you ever feel like you need some support or someone to talk to about HSV.

Hope this is of help to you!

Leverkusen Mon 24-Jan-11 17:59:44

You poor thing. Cold wet teabag on your bits. No point with aciclovir as you have to start taking it as soon as you feel the first tingles, and anyway it only reduces your symptoms by 24 hours, so not really worth it IMHO. But you could get some prescribed for next time. Also ask for EMLA cream, I think that is what it is called.

At the moment- salt baths, cold wet teabag on your bits, plastic bottle of cold water on them to cool you down.

Leverkusen Mon 24-Jan-11 18:00:09

Cold wet teabag is clearly something I feel strongly about grin


Davia Mon 24-Jan-11 18:22:47

Cold wet teabag! Never heard that. Ah if only I knew about that years ago :D

JosieRosie Mon 24-Jan-11 19:05:59

Thanks so much everyone. This outbreak is about 5% of the misery of my first one, so I'm not weeping in agony, just very fed up that it's not really getting better. Thanks for the info about aciclovir being no good if you don't take it straight away - was going to demand some from GP! Still may do for next time xxx

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regretsivehadh2 Mon 24-Jan-11 19:27:33

There is a difference between aciclovir tablets and cream. the cream you can buy over the counter is for facial cold sores, which only means it hasn't been tested for genital ones. My sores appear at the top of my bum not on my labia so i happily use the cream and I think it does make a bit of difference.

The tablets are different: you can take them when you start tingling and in my experience they do reduce the length and severity of the outbreak. Or you can take them for a period of time as a long term suppressant. I find that i get nothing for ages then gradually build up outbreaks over time; then i take a course of aciclovar and that knocks them on the head again for a while.

I dont' know what makes them better but stress, tiredness and poor diet bring them on for me, as does picking up any other virus like a cold.

I have no idea who I got mine from - the first outbreak and diagnosis happened when I wasn't sexually active. It can lie dormant for ages then pop up at inconvenient moments. There were several possible candidates though blush

myob Mon 24-Jan-11 19:55:30

The HVA are great - they can also tell you where you can order aciclovir directly if you dont want to go to the GP.

As others have said, probably a bit late this time but worth having some in the cupbooard in case you have a special night planned in the future!

jackwanger Fri 10-Apr-20 06:41:41

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