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Sacral dimples

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zippy539 Tue 02-Sep-03 20:07:50

Hi - my DD was born with a REALLY deep dimple just above her buttocks. I was freaking out a bit because we have a family history of spina bifida but the consultant assured me that everything was fine - that the dimple was closed (ie there was no opening into DD's spine). Of course since then I have been on the net reading stuff about sacral dimples and working myself up into a lather all over again. Does anyone else have any experience of these - why they happen etc? Also I came across a mention somehwere of a connection between sacral dimples and gestational diabetes (which I had during this pregnancy) - does anyone know anything about this connection. Thanks

Tinker Tue 02-Sep-03 20:14:52

Hi zippy. My daughter has one of these. Had never heard of them until she was born, when the midwife scared the life out of me, saying she had a dimple or hole in her spine. Have since found out that her father has one (we weren't exactly close ) I don't know why they happen and, tbh, have never searched about them. I started taking folic acid within 2 weeks of conception so don't know if things could have been worse if I hadn't taken it. As far as I am aware, they are just a genetic thing, a little trademark! My hv was very blase, having seen them before, saying the main problem was cleaning the poo out after a dirty nappy

Oh, and I didn't have gestational diabetes. Don't know if any of this helps at all. But my daughter is now 6 and it is really tiny now.

zippy539 Tue 02-Sep-03 20:35:21

Thanks Tinker - that's really reassuring . I must say I wondered what happened to them as the child grew. Lol about your dd's dad!

zippy539 Tue 02-Sep-03 20:42:49

Thanks Tinker - that's really reassuring . I must say I wondered what happened to them as the child grew. Lol about your dd's dad!

codswallop Tue 02-Sep-03 20:45:48

we all have dimples there and ds2 had a forked bum cleavage - didnt notice till he was 6 weeks but the doctor said - well it isnt spina bifida....Yikes!

It has only just gone at 3 yrs

Finbar Tue 02-Sep-03 20:48:17

My DS had one and like you guys - I got freaked out when the Doctor told me about the dimple and how lucky it was that it ws closed! Not aware that I had gestational diabetes - but I DID eat an awful lot of sugery things and put on a huge amount of weight

Furball Tue 02-Sep-03 21:10:20

My DS - 2 years, also has one, quite a deep hole but it is closed and a 'wonky clevage', didn't know it was anything to worry about though. I suppose the doctors *must* of looked out for that sort of thing when he was born. Scarey stuff.

3GirlsMum Tue 02-Sep-03 21:50:48

Hi Zippy

Had the same with my first daughter, not helped by a nice Auntie that said "oh arent you lucky she didnt have spina bifida!", yes I was but she had me in floods of tears imagining all sorts of things. Apparently it is common in a lot of babies and nothing to worry about. x

expatkat Tue 02-Sep-03 21:51:19

This is fascinating. Both ds (nearly 4) and dd (11 mos) have them. I'd never seen one when ds was born, so freaked out as you all had. Turns out MIL has one--so it's a kind of family trait, even though neither dh nor his sister has one (i.e. it skipped a generation). Don't know why TWO of mine got them. Genes are unpredictable, I guess.

They are completely benign. I was reassured by several doctors: the paeds where they born, their gps, and the paed in the US they occasionally see. I was not great about folic acid in either pregnancy because I was constantly throwing up the tablets in 1st trimester, so I sometimes wonder if there was a connection between the dimples and my poor intake of folic acid. . .but then gp said there is no connection, just "some people have them, some people don't" [sort of impatiently, as though I were wasting his time by asking.] I, too, would love to know more, but perhaps there's nothing more to know on the subject (that's relevant). Oh well. But be reassured that they're benign.

I didn't have gestational diabetes, by the way. I can't imagine why there would be a connection--sounds unlikely IMO.

bloss Wed 03-Sep-03 00:17:33

Message withdrawn

scoobysnax Wed 03-Sep-03 08:39:37

My dd has one too - this really freaked me out while I was waiting to see a paediatrician "just in case it's spina bifida".
It hasn't caused any problems but also hasn't disappeared as I thought it might. DD is nearly 4. Do they normally disappear with age?
Oh yes, and I had borderline gestational diabetes, for what it's worth, although I can't see an obvious link.

Marina Wed 03-Sep-03 10:03:15

Zippy359, what an interesting thread.
Dd (born in August) had a sacral dimple at birth and we were referred for ultrasound by her paediatrician to "check it isn't a mild form of spina bifida". As she had already spent two days in SCBU for post-birth distress I had to be scraped off the ceiling at this point.
We saw the ultrasound doctor last week and he spent about 10 secs scanning her, while I hovered tearfully in the background. He then said he had seen hundreds of babies with similar dimples, none ever turned out to have sb, and he was getting fed up with the stress caused to all these new mums.
It turns out to run in our family too (dimples not sb). And, very interestingly, I was borderline gestational diabetes with this pregnancy according to my consultant.
For what it is worth, we know someone with "mild" spina bifida. She has no mobility or continence problems, works f/t and has two sweet little boys. I clung to this knowledge while waiting for the appointment, but it still seemed a long wait.
Bloss, I had to laugh at the rose-tinted sentimentality of the portrait you paint of your newborn ds . I feel I can now confess that my dd has the hairiest bottom I have ever seen - and had a whopping umbilical stump.

bloss Wed 03-Sep-03 11:07:16

Message withdrawn

expatkat Wed 03-Sep-03 11:19:45

Ds's has also got smaller with age, but it's still there, and quite visible if he bends down.

I'd be curious to hear from any adults who have/had them--and find out if they ever caused a problem when growing up: teasing etc. One doctor said that teenage girls tend to be self-conscious about their sacral dimples when hipster trousers are the rage

expatkat Wed 03-Sep-03 11:25:50

Marina & others--so sorry to hear you were alarmed by med professionals after the birth. My experience was so different--the docs could not have been more blase, and never offered a scan. Marina, that was all you needed, poor thing!

Tinker Wed 03-Sep-03 20:00:11

Right, just checked my daughgter's in the bath. It is really tiny now, you wouldn't really notice it if you didn't know what you were looking for. Can't imagine hipster pants going down quite taht far.

Bloss - when my daughter's father was asking about it, he said, in broad Beffnal Gween accent, 'basically, it's like anuvver arse'ole'

Tinker Wed 03-Sep-03 20:12:57

Why does my message show 8:00 on the post but 8:01 one the active conversations bit?????

WideWebWitch Wed 03-Sep-03 20:15:47

Tinker, I'm sad but I checked and it doesn't now. If you go to last day your post is timed at the same time as it is on the actual post IYSWIM.

Tinker Wed 03-Sep-03 20:18:26

Don't worry www, it's exactly the same sad kind of thing I'd do

WideWebWitch Wed 03-Sep-03 20:18:53

Gosh, just read the actual thread content (rather than just checking the timing of Tinker's posts) and blimey, never heard of these but Tinker at your ex's comments!

boyandgirl Thu 04-Sep-03 10:32:08

So that's what they are! Both of mine were born with what looked like a 'second bumhole' and yes, it was a pain in the a*** to clean the poo out. I'd never heard of sacral dimples and assumed all babies had these 'bits' because their buttocks were so skinny at birth. Both of mine have chubbed out (babies, not buttocks )(Buttocks too actually ) and the dimple has virtually gone. Having read this thread I've had a quick grope down my own jeans, and yes I've got one, too. I also have a minute spina bifida occulta (ie a tiny opening in the spine, but only in the bone itself) which I only discovered when I had a back xray in my 20s. Knowing that I certainly took folic acid! Didn't have gd, though my wee-sugar wobbles a bit for the last 6wks or so of pregnancy. Hmmm, verrry interesting - I must ask my mum about the family's bottoms.

zippy539 Fri 05-Sep-03 00:18:33

Blimey - after reading boyandgirl's post (and all the posts about sacral dimples being hereditary) I've just had a grope of my own bum and I think I've got one! It's VERY well padded out (bit of a lardy arse at the moment ...) but there is a discernable dip/dimple like thing there. I can't believe I've gone 36 years without knowing this! Worse - how come MY mother never noticed it when I was a baby - very remiss.

I had no idea when I started this thread that sacral dimples were so common - I feel completely reassured - thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I'm off now to try and view my very own dimple in the mirror .

vicimelly Fri 05-Sep-03 00:42:01

My daughter was born with sacral dimple, she has spina bifida occulta, but she also has a condition called sacral agenesis, which is common in mothers with diabetes so maybe thats where that comes from. I had no idea the dimples were so common either, it's a good job my doctors didn't ignore my daughters though!

boyandgirl Fri 05-Sep-03 10:42:18

When I was pg for the first time, I was worried whether my spina bifida occulta would increase the likelihood that the baby might have it, but the GP insisted that spina bifida isn't hereditary.

expatkat Fri 05-Sep-03 11:10:44

Vicimelly--that IS fortunate that gp didn't ignore your dd's. Do you know what made him want to investigate it that one step further? Was the dimple particularly deep, for example? And does your dd have any difficulties stemming from the s.b. occulta, or sacral agenesis (which I have never heard of)? Or are these conditions treatable? Hope all is OK with yr dd.

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