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Clubfoot and problems with boots and bars

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Deli30 Sat 15-Jan-11 11:36:55


DS2 was diagnosed with fixed unilateral talipes at 20 wk scan. Started ponsetti treatment at 7 weeks old and had tenotomy at 13 weeks old. Never had a problem with casts took to them really well. Had the mitchell boots and bar fitted just before xmas, had a few really bad nights with him but he settled reasonably well. Started forming a blister after about a week so used compeed plasters until it split. Saw the physio last week and she dressed it and padded his boot. (Blister on good foot) Next day the blister burst and had to take him to docs who said not to put the boots back on until it had healed. Physio informed and we agreed to put the boot only on the bad foot whilst the other foot healed. This has been fine but yesterday I took his boot off for the hour out and the bottom of his foot was bright red and very hot. Thought it was just pressure but after 1 hour still had not gone down, took him to see GP who said it was hyperaemia (increased blood flow to the area apparantly) and caused from the pressure of the boots and again to leave the boot off. This morning the bottom of his foot is less hot, still very red but the skin is starting to feel like it might crack. Don't want to cream his foot too much in case it causes a reaction but worried the skin will split and then he won't be able to get his boots back on for ages.
Has anyone else had these problems with the boots and bars? What should I do about the red foot?

very long post sorry!!

snowmash Sat 15-Jan-11 13:08:58

Is the physio your contact for the boots/bar stage of the treatment?

I'd be asking if the fit could be checked...but I'd also be over at the Steps website.

They have a lot of good info, and a forum of knowledgable parents:



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