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Dry, sore lungs.. cough, cough, cough.. what can I do?

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FluffyHamster Fri 14-Jan-11 09:54:02

It's like this every year since about 6 years ago when I had pneumonia sad.

In about Nov/Dec I get a cold and then my chest/lungs seem to take AGES to recover.

I have now had something since before Christmas:

Persistent cough. Feel OK-ish in the morning, but as the day progresses my lungs feel 'dry', sore and tired. Everything seems to irritate them - smells, irritants (Soap powder, petrol fumes). The irritation makes my chest feel 'tight' (although I CAN breathe). Can't run/ exercise with it.

Was like this last year and the GP did a chest X-ray (was clear) and an asthma peak flow test (was fine).

In fact I have very good lung capacity/capability (I sing and play wind instruments!) so the GP said she thought was just 'more aware' of my lungs. So the only thing I have to help is an inhaler in case it gets really 'tight' which makes me feel panicky. But the GP said I don't actually have asthma?

I'm reluctant to go back to the GP, as I suspect it'll be just more of the same, but nevertheless this is making my everyday life a misery...

Is there anything I can do, or take (over the counter meds/ complementary therapies etc) to help?

DrSeuss Fri 14-Jan-11 10:05:04

SIL has steam kettle thing that sits in middle of room to keep it humid when her asthma is bad. Even if you don't have asthma proper, that might help.

FluffyHamster Fri 14-Jan-11 11:01:43

THanks - yes, steam does help a bit.
I wonder if our house is too dry/warm/dusty?

pugsandseals Fri 14-Jan-11 11:29:13

I've just come back from the doctors as am off sick with flu. Was shocked and amazed that his recommendation for my cough was to avoid all cough medication and take lots of this

In other words - drinks lots of tea and cocoa as they are cough surpressants!!!

Don't know if it's in my head, but it seems to be working already! grin

PigletJohn Sat 15-Jan-11 20:25:21

rather strangely, I find the anti-allergy/antihistamine Piriton and Piriteze (and cheaper own-brands) help. I discovered this when I was using one against pollen itchy eyes and hayfever, and discovered that I did not get my usual bad cough when I lit a bonfire.

I find it helps with a cough, particularly if yours is triggered by things like smoke and dust. For me it works better than asthsma inhalers, and does not give me a weak, croaky voice. I described this to my doctor, who say, if it works for me, stick with it.

I use the children's syrup, which is safe for one year olds and up, so nothing very strong.

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