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Why invite people over when kids are ill? *rant alert*

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jstock Thu 13-Jan-11 05:28:49

My friend invited me my husband our 20month DS and our 5 week old over for a play date and some food.
We get there and her 3 year old is coughing and spluttering all over and clearly very poorly.
She then told us how bad this cold was, how she'd been up for 3 nights as he can't breathe properly, all while my son is playing with her sons toys and being coughed on. My 20 month old is just recovering and I have been up most the night with my (now) 7 week old as he's taking a while to bf as he can't flipping breathe!!!!
It was lovely to invite us but if my kids are sick I let people know and say they might want to steer clear!!
I know they're going to get colds in their lifetime but I'm not wanting to GIVE them the bloody things.
Right, I 'm off to comfort my poorly babies!

thumbwitch Thu 13-Jan-11 05:56:11

rant away - I agree with you! We went to a friend's house on a pre-arranged play date a few months back. To be fair to my friend, her DS wasn't that unwell when we got there but he got worse during the time we were there (mostly just a cough). Her 1yo was very snotty as well but apparently had been most of the winter (am in Oz) - anyway, I don't know that DS caught it from them, but the timescales fit - a couple of nights later he wakes in screaming pain with a raging temperature. Manage to calm his pain and temp down with Calprofen etc. then in the morning took him to A&E (no chance of a doc appt) - we stayed there for a few hours, during which I also fell ill - D&V included (DS never got this). Later that night, DH also went down with it - and in the next couple of days, MIL caught it (she was with us at the hospital) and BIL caught it off her. Apparently it was some kind of adenovirus, aka, Evil Virus From Hell.

Thing is, friend's son only had a sore throat and a bit of a cough - but it still could have been an adenovirus, he might just have had some immunity to it, which NONE of us did.

Made me a bit cross but I wasn't sure it was her family, so couldn't be that cross.

thinkimgoingtobesick Thu 13-Jan-11 11:29:24

You're right to be cross, I would feel exactly the same! It's hard enough keeping them healthy at this time of year. Hope they get better soon and you get some rest

25goingon95 Thu 13-Jan-11 13:34:31

This bugs the hell out of me, i get so cross! Happens to us all the time!

It happened again to us last week. Friend's DD had been unwell so we had left it a few weeks. Then she invited us round and her DD was still really poorly!!! Coughing ALL over my DD (they are only 4yo) Having to have her nose wiped every 5 minutes, complaining of a sore throat etc! I was really worried about my baby catching it, and DD1.

It was obvious friend was getting bored at home with ill DD so just wanted company which i can understand but she could have told me her DD was ill! I would never invite anyone over if we were ill.

I know lots of bugs go around at school but that can't be helped really as they have to be there. It annoys me when DD catches something which we could have avoided and then has to miss school angry

jstock Thu 13-Jan-11 19:13:52

Glad it's not just me! Had to take lo to the Doctors today and he has a chest infection stemming from the cold!
I'm going to be rude next time and ask if anyones ill before we commit.

Again must dash, poorly baby to tend to!!

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