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Vaccinations help please

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Angiel Tue 02-Sep-03 12:10:09

I've just taken my youngest dd to the Doctor because I thought she had a bad chest, turned out she hasn't. While I was there the Doctor asked me about her Hib vaccine, I have given a lot of thought to this, I just haven't got round to getting it done yet.

When he found out that she hadn't had ber MMR he wasn't very impressed. My dd has an IgA deficiency and all of the information I have read, says they shouldn't have live vaccines. The Doctor disagreed with this totally and said that if anyone was more at risk from serious illness from measles, its my dd. He said that if she has low IgA then she should definitely have it done.

Has anyone got any more information on this, is he right or is he just trying to frighten me into getting it done.

rainbow Tue 02-Sep-03 12:28:53

Don't know enough about Iga defiency and live vaccines to help, but PIA might. HTH

rainbow Tue 02-Sep-03 12:29:05

Don't know enough about Iga defiency and live vaccines to help, but PIA might. HTH

rainbow Tue 02-Sep-03 12:29:06

Don't know enough about Iga defiency and live vaccines to help, but PIA might. HTH

Jimjams Tue 02-Sep-03 13:08:36

Where did you read the stuf about IGA and not getting live vaccinations? I wouldn't trust your family GP- they are not very up on this sort of thing. Another mumsnet poster (now on maternity leave) had a child with a lot of immunity problems. She was put under enormous pressure to have the baby jabs from her gp and refused. When she finally saw a consultant she was told the polio jab would have killed her son (its all under circumcision yes or no thread).

It's my understanding that children with immune deficiency need to be careful with the live vaccines. This link is to the drugs company datasheet for measles vaccine

This bit "Measles Virus Vaccine, Live, Attenuated (Dried) should not be administered to any individual whose immune mechanism is impaired as the result of disease, injury, or therapy including the following: (a) individuals with blood dyscrasias, lymphomas, or other generalized malignancies, (b) individuals undergoing treatment with immunosuppressive agents of any kind or with primary immunodeficiency, e.g. agammaglobulinemia, dysgammaglobulinemia, hypogammaglobulinemia. " looks relevant.

I suspect you need to find otu more before making yoru decision. You could ask the drugs company for their advice.

Jimjams Tue 02-Sep-03 13:11:05

There's a bit about MMR on the link robinw gave under "discussions"- someones asking the same question as you!

Davros Tue 02-Sep-03 13:21:57

Likewise, if you have an immune system illness or take immunosuppresants being with your child when they are given live vaccines is a no-no. I have been exposed as, when I brought it up, the nurse said it was OK and I was feeling flappy that day!

Jimjams Tue 02-Sep-03 14:36:38

yes that's true davros. I think pretty much all the cases of paralytic polio in the UK in recent years have been from immunosuppressed adults catching it from recently immunised babies.

Angiel Tue 02-Sep-03 20:58:30

Thanks for your help.

I have spoken to PIA in the past and the information they have sent me, and also confirmed by email, is that live vaccines shouldn't be administered.

My Doctor definitely made me feel like I had done the wrong thing. He told me I was reading very selectively and that if dd gets measles she is far more likely to end up deaf or badly damaged.

I would have thought though that if your immune system isn't working properly anyway, there is little point in having the vaccine as surely you wouldn't develop the antibodies.

I've been trying to find out a bit more info tonight, but I'm either being blinded by science or reading what I already know.

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