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Is this normal?

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Hai1988 Wed 12-Jan-11 10:30:56

I am on the pill (marvalon) and last month relised that I would come on, on xmas day so I carryied on taking the pill without a break.

Only trouble now is i stopped taking in on Monday and i feel like crap now, feel sick, back killing me.

I dont normally get any period symtoms other that the attually period.

Is this because i didnt have a break last month?

Really hope i come on soon as my boobs feel like are gonna explode if they swell anymore and they bloody kill awell blushsad

Hai1988 Wed 12-Jan-11 10:31:23

Oh no so many typo's blush

sunndydays Wed 12-Jan-11 16:58:34

Could you be pregnant? Maybe not what you want to hear!

Sarsaparilllla Wed 12-Jan-11 17:01:49

Yeah, it could be because you've run two packs together, I get more symptoms than normal when I do it

Hai1988 Wed 12-Jan-11 17:44:44

Dont think so sunndy cant remeber dont think i missed a pill hmm maybe took a few a few hours late but never completly forgot

I am hoping it is that sarsaparilllla

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