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Do you think your bad has an 'equilibrium' position?

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KatyMac Wed 12-Jan-11 09:00:00

Before Christmas I was aware I was a bit heavier (meals out/chocolates etc)

Then I went away........goodness me I ate a lot

I came home & I was half a stone heavier......haven't put weight on for nearly 7 yrs

So I decided I'd start walking more & eat carefully but with all the 'stuff' with starting back at work I have said starting next Monday (giving me a full week at work before knuckling down)

I stood on the scales this morning & I am back to my 'steady' weight

Which is odd as I haven't been careful or done any exercise

Does your body have an equilibrium position it reverts too? (or am I just odd grin)

KatyMac Wed 12-Jan-11 10:01:28

Mis-types & in the title too......*body*

BooBooGlass Wed 12-Jan-11 10:02:43

Either that or you have faulty scales wink

KatyMac Wed 12-Jan-11 10:04:04

Same scales, same flooring (as I know that makes a difference)

LemonEmmaP Wed 12-Jan-11 10:10:01

Mine used to, pre-DCs. Whatever I ate, I still hovered around the same weight. Post DCs I'm afraid that has all gone, or rather, I have a new equilibrium position but it's two stone higher than the pre-DCs one hmm.

exexpat Wed 12-Jan-11 10:12:06

Yep, though like LemonEmma, mine has shifted up about 20kg a little to a new default post-DCs. Currently trying to get it to shift back to the earlier one....

Pandsbear Wed 12-Jan-11 13:05:01

Yes I agree I have a pretty set weight too. Varies about 2-3 lbs depending on time of the month but that's it.

Elibean Wed 12-Jan-11 13:44:01

Yes, mine certainly does. Although its not quite the same 'position' as it was pre-dc.

That said, I think we revert to 'equilibrium position lifestyles' too - so my 'steady' weight comes back because I go back to eating/walking the same amount!

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