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Need some help with flu/stomach pains

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The3Bears Tue 11-Jan-11 18:05:50

Getting myself really worried googling so wanted to ask here if anyone has any helpful advice.

I Started feeling really unwell New years day headache/feeling sick just generally crap it just got worse as the week went on so put it down to flu I also had a terrible cold and could not stop sneezing my eyes were sore and I felt so tired.

Anyway I started to feel a little bit better yesterday til last night I woke in the night with a terrible fever feeling really sick and really bad stomach cramps that felt like really bad period pains, could hardly walk. managed to get back asleep after an hour or so and have still had cramps all day although not as severeand feel pants again.

Can anyone reassure me that I have just got a bad case of flu/a stomach bug as im begining to get worried.

Has anyone else had the same thing?


SmethwickBelle Tue 11-Jan-11 18:23:03

I've just shaken off a bacterial stomach infection (likely h pylori) which I got from some food poisoning. It has taken about two months in total to shift it!

Adults don't often get "tummy ache" it seems to me - more often than not it is bad guts/upset "down below" but I can relate to your description of period pains but in your stomach and it can certainly be alarming not to mention so difficult to get comfortable.

So I'd say it is certainly possible for you to have a stomach infection of some sort - if you've had flu it might be viral rather than bacterial but I am not a doctor so go and get checked out.

I was prescibed some protein pump inhibitors which stop your stomach making as much acid, this takes a lot of the pain away and then some antibiotics I had for tonsilitus eradicated the rest of it but that was what the doc would have tried next.

SmethwickBelle Tue 11-Jan-11 18:26:46

Sorry it was PROTON pump inhibitors I got not PROTEIN pump. And obv the antibiotics I had wouldn't work for you if it is viral following flu but the docs can help so go get yourself fixed. Did I mention I am not a doctor? wink x

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