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bartolini gland cyst

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emsy41 Tue 11-Jan-11 12:01:42

This is really silly of me but i am frightened of going to docs i think i have a b.g. cyst and i have read that the treatment could involve stitches and cathetor. I have just, 5 weeks ago, gone through long labour and c section. I cant bear thought of anymore pain, curing immobility. If anyone has been through treatment is there anything you could say to make me feel better¿??

I had cyst after last vaginally delivered child in spain and they just gave me antibiotics.

Thanks a lot for any help given.

AlpinePony Tue 11-Jan-11 12:09:23

Don't have surgery - you really don't need it - unless in 5 years time you find yourself with no other option to take and you're just "done" with it.

I've had about 6 of these over the last 15 years and tbh, only the very first was frighteningly painful. One time I even burst one myself with a steak-knife whilst on holiday - used G&T for anaesthetic! wink

To encourage it to a head and to clean the wound thoroughly afterwards I'd recommend LOTS of sitting in the bath in salt water. I'd buy kilos of salt for 15p a pop and chuck a whole kilo in the bath.

The removal of these glands seems to lead to no end of trouble if you read on the net, which you obviously have.

emsy41 Tue 11-Jan-11 12:24:42

Thanks for advice. I cant figure how i got this one coz for 5 weeks ive been having salt baths everyday. (for my csection wound). I just dont get it. I will have a really hot salty bath today. fingers crossed.

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