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Struggling to accept weight gain after ED - I found a new benefit!! Getting mojo back :-)

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takingchances Sun 09-Jan-11 11:19:44

I have read quite a few posts from women who currently have ED's or have suffered in the past, and are struggling to accept weight gain.

I had an ED from when I was 22 to 26 and am now doing much better thanks to therapy and counselling and a very loving DH.

I am still underweight and even though I eat regularly and eat things that I like, I don't often finish a plate of food.

However, over Christmas I relaxed a lot, slept better than I have done in years, went for lots of walks outdoors and ate really well. I put on a few pounds.

A very excellent side effect is that I feel a million times more in the mood for sex than I did before. In the last couple of years I had totally gone off sex, hardly ever wanting to do it and only really doing it for DH's sake, not my own. But over the past two weeks I have felt a stirring grin and bought some nice new underwear that actually looks much better when it is filled out a bit.

DH is naturally delighted but not nearly as much as me. I have always found it difficult to keep weight on and usually dropped the few pounds I put on over Christmas/holidays within days. But now I want to keep them. I want to keep my bum that looks nice in my pretty knickers and I definitely want to keep my mojo thank you very much.

I am posting this because it's a revelation to me. I KNOW it's hard to accept weight gain. I know it's extremely hard to relinquish a bit of control. But it's so great to feel a bit sexy again, it's worth it.

Wishing good health to all of you for 2011 xx

Elibean Sun 09-Jan-11 13:56:12

Well done, you, thats a major achievement smile

Happy new year and here's to a healthy weight and your newly rediscovered mojo!

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