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non hormonal Coil vs mirena?

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whitetulips Sun 09-Jan-11 10:57:11

Hi, I am getting back into the dating scene, after a long marriage, and I know I need to use condoms for STI protection ( even though have never used them before).
I just don't trust them, and feel the need for extra pregnancy protection.
Any ideas what would be best?
Have been on mini pill before, which I like because of no bleeding, but put on weight.
Have used coil but bled non stop for first 2 months, but after that settled down.
Would the mirena hormones affect the bleeding, or weight gain?
I am 41.
Any advice would be great.

Lizzywishes Sun 09-Jan-11 22:30:22

I've found mirena really good. A little bit of spotting for 6 weeks or so then no periods for years and no other side effects. Hurts when it's put in, mind you.

cupcakesinthesnow Sun 09-Jan-11 22:41:28

I agree with Lizzywishes. I dont know why people think they will put in weight as I never have and none of my friends with the mirena have. There is no medical reason for gaining wright with this coil so if you feel your appetite increases keep a check on what you are eating. To be honest, before I had the mirena I would get deranged PMT and eat TONS of rubbish a few days before I was due on and PMT is not as bad with the mirena. I do get sore boobs some months and then maybe a teeny tiny bit of spotting, but that's it

I did find Mirena more painful to have put in compared to the normal coil I had previously and if I decided to keep using it after my 5 years is up, I fully intend to request a mild seditive to have aother fitted as i realy found it quite horid (bit maybe I am a wuss) grin

mummytowillow Sun 09-Jan-11 23:03:21

I had the Mirena put in two months ago for severe PMT and painful periods, its brilliant!

I had very light bleeding on and off for the month, but no PMT and only had to wear a panty liner during my period, which believe me is amazing! smile

I had it done privately through health insurance, was told it would hurt as I have a tight cervix grin, so I had a local up there, didn't feel a thing, however I nearly passed out because the local made my heart beat really fast ... you should have seen the gynae's face, he thought he'd killed me!!

Go for it, you won't look back!

whitetulips Sun 09-Jan-11 23:10:42

Thank you everyone!

Prolesworth Sun 09-Jan-11 23:12:17

Message withdrawn

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