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2 questions one i cant ask any one else..

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imissmypiercings Thu 06-Jan-11 20:50:20

1) does any one else's "tail bone" hurt? when i sit down, or stand up it's agony, why??

2)when dp and i have intercourse it's painfull, feels like too much friction but only on one side, no matter how much lube we use, then IF i can (rarely) get through the pain my orgasm is no where nearly as powerfull as before dc was born (6months ago) is this normal???

blinder Thu 06-Jan-11 20:59:02

1. Sounds like a broken coccyx (tailbone). Did you have a difficult birth? Mine got better after about 10-12 months.

2. An internal graze during the birth leaving scar tissue?

blinder Thu 06-Jan-11 23:13:29

Bumping for you. Watch your coccyx

methodsandmaterials Thu 06-Jan-11 23:34:36

I bruised my coccyx during labour. It's bloody awful isn't it? What makes things worse is that there isn't much that can be done about it... You just have to wait it out. Mine is still problematic and DC just turned 2! What helps is keeping weight off it as much as possible and avoiding sitting on hard surfaces, so let cushions be your friend. Sorry I can't be more helpful!

TheUnmentioned Thu 06-Jan-11 23:39:53

I had dd 15 weeks ago and I never had the pain in the coccyx until recently but god do I have it now, nothing to do about it though i dont think.

kayah Fri 07-Jan-11 04:17:52

when I fell down thestairs and bruised my coccyx I went to see osteopath and she fixed it
maybe worth asking?

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 07-Jan-11 07:43:39

1. Seek medical advice. This is not something you should have to put up with.
2. Deep pain during sex is very indicative of endometriosis. Again you need to seek medical advice, a gynae is the best person to see in this regard. Do not put up with it, you do not have to.

imissmypiercings Fri 07-Jan-11 20:40:06

blinder; had a suprisingly easy birth hmm

so glad i'm not the only one, i only know a couple of mums in rl, and they looked at me like i was doolally!

guess i'm just goin to have to try and get an appointment with the queen doctor

blinder Fri 07-Jan-11 23:19:06

Hmm but has the coccyx issue been since the birth? Or more recent?

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