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Please help, severe back pain.

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pinkdolly Wed 05-Jan-11 07:13:05

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me find out what I have done and ways of relieving the pain.

I woke up yesterday absolutely fine, no symptoms at all. During the early part of the morning I got a slight twinge in my lower back. At the base of my spine, I ignored this and went out for a walk with my family. During he course of this walk however the pain escalated to a point where I was having to stop and rest. The pain at this point was referred also to my left leg near to my groin.

Since then the pain has continued to get worse. Sneezing is agony, as is standing from a sitting or lying position. Turning is also painful.

I have taken over the counter volterol and paracetamol but it is not helping much.

The pain almost feels like my lower back is crushing itself or could snap.

Has anyone any experience of this type of pain, what is the best course of action and how long will it last.
Thanks for your help.

pinkdolly Wed 05-Jan-11 07:14:39

I should say that usually I have quite a high pain threshold, and I am finding this hurts to the point of tears at times.

Consuela39 Wed 05-Jan-11 07:23:40

It sounds like you have a trapped sciatic nerve. I might be wrong.

I'm not sure what you can do but if you google sciatica it might give you some ideas...sorry to be a bit useless but from what you describe and the location of the pain it sounds fairly likely.

Good luck, I hope it goes away soon.

Consuela39 Wed 05-Jan-11 07:24:37

Can you see the GP today?

campocaro Wed 05-Jan-11 07:24:51

I had this last year-sounds like a trapped nerve? (I am not a doctor) Get high level ibroprufen so you can function and move very very carefully.Cold ice pack also helped. It took a week or two before I felt right. I then went to osteopath to get general treatment.

ImeldaSnowboots Wed 05-Jan-11 11:03:39

I would agree, prob sciatica, should see GP.

Chaotica Wed 05-Jan-11 11:19:33

Icepacks and hot water bottles interchanged. Prescription voltarol/diclofenac. Keep moving gently (if you can) as you don't want muscle spasms on top of the nerve pain. Osteopath. (GP as well, for the diclofenac, but I found that they couldn't do much except offer pain relief or refer on if it doesn't go.)

It's horrible, sorry you've got this.

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