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need lots of reassurance

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alypaly Wed 05-Jan-11 01:13:50

been on here about it before.
had a heart monitor late last year and then a treadmill test. both of which have found something wrong with my heart,blood pressure and irregular beats. blood pressure is erratic and on the high side at times.

was supposed to have a pre op check todayand an angiogram in 2 days, but i bottled it and have postponed it.

i am really scared of both having the angiogram and the possible outcome.

also on top of all this,i am feeling really crap....finding it very very tiring to hold arms above head to dry hair. tired when walking upstairsor pushing shopping trolley. all my joints and ligaments hurt and i feel so very low i am nearly in tears whilst typing this.
been to my doc today and i burst into tears.

ChippingIn Wed 05-Jan-11 01:29:25

Hi Aly

I remember your other thread.

Sweetheart - you have to go and have the tests done, you know you do. Head in the sand isn't a good option. I know it's scary, but they can't help you until you go and do the tests

I (think I) know how you feel, I had liver disease and felt just as you describe - it is utterly, utterly miserable.

Do you have anyone to go with you for the tests??


hobbgoblin Wed 05-Jan-11 01:44:16

I have quickly googled and there seem to be plenty of not too severely worrying causes of what you describe so perhaps try and focus on that? Plus, if there are problems with cardiac function itself then you will need medication as soon as possible to keep things under control.

We all know the fear of the unknown and how paralysing that can be. I am a control freak so work the other way to you (I want to know WHY yesterday) but my dad is just like you sound and lived with a double hernia for years simply through fear.

He said: "if I'd known I could have been pain free and stopped worrying all those months I'd have gone to the doctor without a moment's hesitation, i feel so silly"

Best wishes.

blinks Wed 05-Jan-11 02:21:10

have you had your thyroid checked? could be hypertension caused by thyroid dysfunction. often causes irregular beats etc...

putting this off will only make you more worried. better to know what you're dealing with.

alypaly Thu 06-Jan-11 00:24:24

ChippinInmy long term male friend will come with me but he can be a bit unemotional and not at all cuddly and right now i feel as though i need a cuddle.

hobbgoblin i am normally someone who wants to know things yesterday ( and probably now more than is healthy for me)but for whatever reason im sooo scared. Maybe its because one of my best friends has recently had an angiogram and they put 3 stents in because his arteries were more than 80% blocked. the stents furred up and he had a quadruple bypass this feb. when he camed round from op they had to put him on a ventilator or 1 week,then he got pneumonia,then he fell in the shower on his first trip out of bed and broke his collar bone in two places and tore the ligaments in his shoulder.

he has now got to go and have and operation to fix the ligaments and he has severe pain at the operation site ad the doc says one of the metal clips that hold his chest together may be sticking in something. i didnt know you were stapled together. this is why i am petrified.

alypaly Thu 06-Jan-11 00:26:00

hi blinks,no i havent had my thyroid tested recently but i am having a blood test on friday for lots of differnet things so i will ask.

Elibean Thu 06-Jan-11 09:57:14

((alypaly)) another hand if you need it, or cuddles, or both.

Like ChippingIn, I had liver disease - remember how scary all the testing is. Heart things are scary too, I recently had erratic/high blood pressure, and had to do the 24 hour thing, and am now on BP medication. Most of the things you describe - the tiredness with arms up to dry hair, the tiredness walking upstairs, I relate to. To some extent, its got better because now I've had the tests and have the medication I need, I'm not too scared to exercise!

Do you mind me asking how old you are, too? I think I started with aching, tiredness, etc as my hormones plummeted, tbh. Thyroid is definitely a possibility too, though not in my case.

Hang in there, you're not alone.

alypaly Thu 06-Jan-11 19:06:57

elibean i am a young 54 and up until this bad injection in my sciatic nerve i play(ed) alot of very competitive badminton for my county. It took me 5 attempts this morning to finish drying my hair. my arms just felt weak.

gone past menopause a while ago, no hot flushes now(or very rare) only with wine and curriessmile

its the treadmill test that has worried me more than the tape as it showed my heart was struggling at 2 minutes even though i carried on for 12.
I am terribly competitive so i didnt want to give up on the test.

ChippingIn Sat 08-Jan-11 11:21:21

Aly - ((HUGS))

Have you re-booked yet? I hope so, because they can't help you until they know what's wrong. It may be something easily fixed and all this stress & worry for nothing - come on pet, re-book x

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