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pain in thigh

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Bubbles2002 Mon 03-Jan-11 22:07:55

I just wondered whether anyone else had experienced this. I gave birth to my son almost exactly 2 years ago now and after delivery was given the Syntocynin injection. I noticed the pain a few days after having the injection and after a few months when the pain had still not died down I visited my doctor. His response was that it was probably just some inflammation from the injection which would probably die down.

But it is still sore to touch in the area and today I am finding that I am having to drag my thigh about. Anyone experienced this this long after delivery? Would be interested to hear.

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 03-Jan-11 22:49:53

Odd that you've mentioned this. I don't have a pain but I do have a strange numbness. I've been trying to work out what could have caused it. DD is now three. Now I'm wondering if it could be connected? I did wonder if it was some weird after effect of the epidural.

I'd go back to your GP if you're having to drag your thigh though - that sounds quite serious and unpleasant for you.

alypaly Tue 04-Jan-11 01:14:21

is it right in the centre of your buttock as i have just had a poorly administered injection given for sickness and pain which has touched my sciatic nerve in my bum and i feel as though i am not lifting my leg normally. it is also sore if i press my finger directly on the injection sort of aches and then other times it is a sharp pain.

i was told that if it hits the nerve or even the nerve sheath it can cause permanent damage so i have sent a letter of complaint to PALS as soon as it happened.

Jackaroo Tue 04-Jan-11 10:18:23

I am not going to try and defend any mistakes made the injection, but the other thing that happened a few days before you noticed was the labour! It is possible you pulled/strained damaged something during the labour or delivery that you didn't notice at the time (adrenaline/general condition?).

So, just another thought. I agree that feeling that degree of disability/discomfort needs looking at. Nerve Conduction Studies would help determine whether it's a damaged nerve, and maybe what is the most likely cause. Expect a long wait though (although after 2 years...). Neurophysiology is a small and oversubscribed area.

PS Alypaly - when you say "just happened" presumably it was long enough ago to have allowed normal healing. It can take quite a while in my personal experience.

Good luck,


PS I had a very painful area on my thigh for several months after my last delivery, which was during an epidural, but I realise now it's finally gone, it took maybe 18 months then?

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