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Is it possible to get telfast without script?

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katieskids Mon 03-Jan-11 09:47:35

I had an eye allergy back in July and was prescribed fexofenodine/telecast antihistamines. To cut a long story short over Christmas I had flu for a week and neglected to reorder the meds, my eye is now very swollen and discharging.
I need the antihistamines but to do a repeat script the earliest I will get them is Thurs. Gps reopens tomorrow but it will be packed with the genuinely unwell.
Will a pharmacist give me a small supply whilst waiting for script or is my only hope to see a gp?

SwearyMary Mon 03-Jan-11 09:51:15

Some pharmacies will give an emergency 5 day supply but only to medication that they regularly supply to you as they have to be certain that they will get the script to claim back the money.
Have you got some Piriton to try? You may also need some drops for the eye, try Optrex sore eye.

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