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wholffe parkinson white syndrome

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crazybubbasmummy Sat 01-Jan-11 22:24:46

has any one suffered from this and can give me some advice

whyohwhydowebother Mon 03-Jan-11 01:23:46

It's a sign of electrical activity in your heart bypassing the normal channels, basically meaning that the ventricles (bottom chambers) can beat too quickly when normally the atrioventricular node (rate limiting bit between the top and bottom chambers) would stop it.

Can cause you bother if you trigger a fast heartrate (when you exercise etc) because your heart can end up going over 200 beats per minute, meaning you don't end up with a lot of oxygen getting to the right place (i.e. your brain!)

You should keep an eye out for palpitations and feeling light-headed or dizzy and be seen by someone medical sooner rather than later if that happens.

Otherwise, you should have follow up with a cardiologist, ideally one who specialises in electrophysiology (the electrical patterns in the heart), who may put you on medication to control the rate, or do a procedure known as 'ablation' where they disable the extra channel by damaging it with radiowave frequency.

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