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Where can I get the MAP tomorrow, and is it free?

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ohballsballsballs Sat 01-Jan-11 16:37:47

Forgive the namechange. Dp and I had an accident last night and I am now bricking it. I am actually waiting for the implant to be put in in 2 weeks time. But now I need some emergency contraception but am stuck in without the car, and what with it being new years I don't know where to get it. The contraception clinic at the walk in centre is shut on sundays, and Monday is a bank holiday so I assume it will be shut then too. As awful as it sounds, having to pay at a pharmacy would put a massive dent in our budge for next week as we have literally every penny accounted for until pay day 10 days from now which is clearly too late. Is it still twenty odd quid? And is Boots going to be my only option? If I could get to the contraception clinic on Tuesday would it be too late for an emergency coil to be fitted?

BaroqinAroundTheChristmasTree Sat 01-Jan-11 16:41:27

I'm afraid if you get it over the counter it is going to cost around £26/7.

Weegle Sat 01-Jan-11 16:41:49

ring your out of hours GP and they will tell you how you can have it prescirbed today so free. and where to collect from. the sooner you get it the more effective it is. Literally every few hours count.

LadyintheRadiator Sat 01-Jan-11 16:43:35

Is there a supermarket with a pharmacy you can get to? No offence but £26 (or whatever) is a lot cheaper than another baby! But I don't mean that in a harsh way, the beginning of January sucks for money here too.

As for a coil I think you have 5 days - in which case Tuesday would be okay, just about I think.

ohballsballsballs Sat 01-Jan-11 16:46:11

blimmin hell that's expensive, but I take your point about it being cheaper than a baby. But £27 is the difference between us eatign and not at the moment I'll call the out of hours doctor in that case, I hadn't thought of that

comewhinewithme Sat 01-Jan-11 16:49:38

NHS Direct will give you info on local walk in centres.

My walk in centre is open 365 days a year 8 while 8.

I was in there last Tuesday (bank holiday)and they had signs up that you could get emergency contraception.

A1980 Sat 01-Jan-11 16:50:19

This may sound extremely harsh but it's a bit of a piss take to use an out of hours GP when the NHS is currently stretched to breaking point with the flu crisis. Out of hours services are for emergencies not for people to use to get a free prescription when they aren't even ill.

It is was me, I would cough up the £20+ quid for it and get it NOW. January sucks for everyone money wise but just think how much more expensive a baby will be.

A1980 Sat 01-Jan-11 16:51:37

Also the NHS choices website will also list walk in centres in your area that are open.

ohballsballsballs Sat 01-Jan-11 16:52:14

A1980, forgive me, but a baby is not an option for us now and to be blunt an abortion will stretch the NHS far more than a pill will. There isn't twenty quid to be had, I cannot magic money from thin air. This couldn't have come at a worse time for us, and accidents happen. I see nothing wrong with finding out how I can get this pill on prescription. If I could afford to of course I would buy it.

A1980 Sat 01-Jan-11 16:55:33

I wasn't saying you shouldn't get it free at all. I was saying avoid the out of hours GP as that is for emergencies.

Go tot he NHS choices website, they'll tell you where to find an out of hours walk in clinic, etc.

I wasn't saying you getting the pill free was a piss take just that calling an emergency out of hours GP might be and they'll also put you at the bottom of their priorities, etc. So you'd be quicker another way going to a clinic to get it.

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