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Eurgh!! I have never felt this ill. !!

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Narketta Fri 31-Dec-10 18:23:41

Heatings on full blast and i'm shivering, I feel like i've gargled broken glass and have been hit around the head with a sledgehammer. My ears hurt, i've got stomach ache and have started to feel sick in the last half an hour.

Great way to see in the new year!

Elibean Fri 31-Dec-10 19:13:27

You poor thing, sounds like 'flu. Take paracetamol, alternate with nurofen, and drink lots of water - hope its not flu, but a short lived thing!

Normanshormones Fri 31-Dec-10 19:25:45

I've just recovered from this and sympathise hugely.

All I could do was rest, sleep, drink & take painkillers. No appetite and every smell made me feel sick. Huge tiredness and ached so much even my hair hurt. Shivered so much I could hardly walk.

Luckily it only lasted a few days, although the tiredness persisted for about a week.

Be good to yourself and accept all the help you're offered.

Hope you feel better soon.

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