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Can a overian cyst give you all kinds of hormonal symptoms ?

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Macrophage Fri 31-Dec-10 15:48:24

I had some serious lower lt sided overian pain over night on Monday, it niggled away for a couple of days and now feels fine. I assumed it was a cyst and had planned to go to the drs but ti stopped hurting before I got round to it. I'm quite happy to forget about it except I now feel like I've been battered round the head with a bag or hormones.. Boobs are agony, I'm highly irritable and slightly nauseous. I'm on cd 24 of a 26/27day cycle and I'm never normally this bad!

I know it could be a pg.. My coil fell out last month and I couldn't get an appointment to have it put back in till feb (fp dr at my surgery only does it when your on your period).. Dh and I have been careful anyway except for a minor insescretion on cd4.

Dc2 took 2.5 years to get pg with anyway so I can't be that can it ?

Tell me it's a overian cyst sending me haywire.


cabbageroses Fri 31-Dec-10 17:16:28

sorry but cysts do not usually work that way! If it is large then ruptures you would get very severe pain (A&E pain).

Mine was un noticed until I had an internal scan for something else. It was there for 2 years and I had no symptoms.

Sperm can live for 4 days so if you normally have a short cycle you could ne PG.

My first took 9 months to conceive, my 2nd was an oops- day 9 of a 30 day cycle.

Best go to drs.

Macrophage Fri 31-Dec-10 18:53:32

Eeeeeek !

Oh well.. I'm half hoping that I am and half praying that I'm not.

Have to wait and see I guess :D

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