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Question for dentists

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dikkertjedap Thu 30-Dec-10 22:06:44

I have massively cracked two big molars. Hopefully they can be taken out tomorrow (they are beyond saving as they have totally cracked lenghtwise). I understand that my only option is to have implants and that I need to do this relatively quickly otherwise my jaw bone thins and I cannot have the implants. How quick do I need to have the implants? How can I find out if a dental clinic is reliable and knowledgeable as it is all non- NHS and I don't know how much oversight there is? Thanks.

eviscerateyourmemory Thu 30-Dec-10 22:13:15

Im not a dentist, but my understanding is that you have several months to get the implants before risk of bone thinning (though dont know if it may happen quicker with 2 missing teeth?)
If the bone is too thin then a bone graft is a possibility.
I dont know about oversight, but am aware that prices can vary significantly between different dentists.

2old4thislark Thu 30-Dec-10 22:32:59

ASFAIK there's no rush to have an implant. I had an assessment 18 months after a tooth was removed. I think they need to allow the gap a few months to heal anyway. If there is not enough bone a bone graft can be done. I didon't have it done in the end as I would have needed a sinus lift as well and that would have cost £3000!

dikkertjedap Thu 30-Dec-10 22:38:19

Thanks for your advice.

In my case it will be two large bottom molars next to each other (the other molar is already missing). They both had already fillings, which came out whilst the two molars cracked lengthwise (all the way), the two bits of each molar literally move away from each other. I think I would be able to pull at least part of each out myself, that is how loose they are, but extremely painful, using all painkillers I can find in the house. So, very reluctant to incur any unnecessary treatment (like bone grafts) if I can help it, but yes, the costs of two implants is very offputting. Hence my posting about that clinic in Brighton as they seem so much cheaper than anybody else (£999 per implant), not sure if there is a catch with them. (Brighton is not close to where I live, but closer than Bulgaria obviously where apparently lots of people go ...).

2old4thislark Thu 30-Dec-10 22:47:58

I feel your pain! My tooth just split in two on a jacket potato - an unfilled aparently healthy tooth shock.

I would suggest googling the clinic and seeing what you find. I think the average base price for an implant is about £2000. I was told that bone grafts and sinus lifts were pretty standard procedures but obviously they add to the cost. Good luck!

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