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any forty somethings with hip pain?

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wigglybeezer Wed 29-Dec-10 15:37:52

I'm only forty two but have recently been bothered by mild discomfort in my left hip, dread to think it will progress as I don't fancy the restrictions on activity caused by a replacement (my Mum has had one and my MIL has had three so I now what it involves). anyone had hip problems so early that they improved without an op?

cluttermountain Wed 29-Dec-10 15:47:24

I await replies with interest. I.m 44 but have had an achey left hip for years. Once went to docs who just said wear and tear. I am sure it is going to be a progressive problem for me. Gets sore at night too.

earwicga Wed 29-Dec-10 15:49:25

38 with pain in left hip starting last summer. Already have arthritis in my fingers and one of my knees, which doctors ignore. Family history of arthritis so have no chance really.

Also watching for other replies.

herbietea Wed 29-Dec-10 15:53:44

Message withdrawn

pineappleupsidedownpudding Wed 29-Dec-10 16:03:47

41 here and currently on the waiting list for a hip replacement.I've already had an operation on my other hip, but not a replacement, but I'm in a lot of pain and my movement is very restricted, the op is my only course of treatment.

Elibean Wed 29-Dec-10 16:04:44

I'm 50 now, but achey right hip for years. Nothing to do with arthritis, simply decades of being slightly lopsided and tendons/muscles get tight!

Do get your hip checked out, wiggly, it may well be easily treatable smile

Milliways Wed 29-Dec-10 20:18:13

Yes, but mine is not joint trouble, mainly muscular.

I get trochanteric bursitis and Meralgia Parasthetica,which both lead to pain around the hip, thigh and/or buttock area. Both theses are caused by muscles in the wrong place (long story) and I have exercises that does wonders for the muscles and relieving the deep pain when it sets in.

ilovemyfestivehens Thu 30-Dec-10 15:46:11

I had knee and hip pain and all that was needed was some orthotic insoles for my shoes because I had excessive pronation of the ankles. The podiatrist prescribed them and I've been fine since using them.

You need an assessment.

amigababy Thu 30-Dec-10 16:06:10

Been having right sided hip pain for a while, it really got worse after over doing it at yoga, which I stopped. Since then I've joined a gym and started doing weights at home and the pain has really subsided. I'm not mega fit but am giving the exercise a really good effort and am surprised by this good side effect.
Didn't want to visit the doctor because when my 47 yo DH went with knee pain he was just told it's his age and he should stop jogging if it kept on hurting (so not very helpful)

wigglybeezer Thu 30-Dec-10 16:16:16

thanks for your replies, seems I'm not the only one. I am a bit lop-sided as i have slight curvature of the spine so orthotics will probably be worth looking into. The symptoms I have are the same as my mother's in the early days of her arthritis but I still hope it could be tendonitis or something. Interstingly, i had a phase as a teenager where I had an irritable hip, which was much more painful than my hip at the moment.

slightly depressed about general decay at the moment as I broke a tooth the other day and I think I need bi-focals too, its all downhill after 40! {grin}.

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