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Am I wrong not to get my asthmatic child vaccinated

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grumpygrumps Wed 29-Dec-10 14:04:01

Although my ds's athma is not severe I am now wondering if I should get him vaccinated due to the scary Swine Flu stories esculating all over the show.
He has never been invited for an annual flu jab (he is now 11) and I have never pushed for one; mainly because he has so many allergies (pollen, peanuts and certain fruits) and I am concerned he may get an adverse reaction.

Highlander Wed 29-Dec-10 15:26:09

your child, your decision, espec with his allergy concerns. However......

I thought flu would never happen to me. I'm young, fit and I hardly ever get a cold.

I'm on day 7 and, although I'm well on the road to recovery, I feel terrible.

I had fevers, rigors and minor pneumonia which left me feeling like I was going to drown. I was so ill I couldn't even reach out of bed to take brufen/paracetamol. I relied completely on DH to look after me.

It would seem that those who missed flu last year are going down like flies this year.

grumpygrumps Wed 29-Dec-10 15:38:38

This is my dilemma, ds has had flu in the past without further complications but the virus doing the rounds this year just sounds positively awful and I am genuinely petrified worried for him.

grumpygrumps Wed 29-Dec-10 15:39:04

Highlander, you poor thing.

shongololo Wed 29-Dec-10 15:43:19

those with underlying conditions, like asthma, are particularly vulnerable to the flu. DS1 is asthmatic, and allergic to a variety of things, but we had the jab just the same. I would walk over hot coals to ensure he got it. Because if he gets a cold, he struggles to breathe. Last time he got flu-like virus, 4 years ago, he was so ill and his chest was so bad, he was rushed up to A&E.

I think that if you CAN get him done, you should. The jabs are being given to people who are vulnerable because any side effects are the lesser of two evils. In my sons case, he gets a sore arm for a couple of days.

Speak to our GP about allergies if you have concerns, but do get him jabbed.

herbietea Wed 29-Dec-10 15:44:39

Message withdrawn

sadiesadiemarriedlady Wed 29-Dec-10 15:52:36

Please get your child vaccinated

mumonthenet Wed 29-Dec-10 16:34:40

dd has mild asthma, I made sure she had the swine flu vac last year. My other dc's haven't had the jab yet shock (but they don't have asthma).

sandripples Wed 29-Dec-10 16:40:08

Grumpygrumps - I am sorry to type a very scary post but I would prefer to let you know the following.

My sister died of asthma. She'd only had it for 6 months and then got a bad cold and had the fatal attack. This was a long time ago but of course I will never forget it. Please have your child vaccinated. With best wishes.

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Wed 29-Dec-10 16:42:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Wed 29-Dec-10 16:44:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grumpygrumps Wed 29-Dec-10 17:30:38

Ok, I've just called my GP - I've booked him an appointment for 6pm. Kerry I totally understand where you are coming from but so far we seem to have been out numbered by other posters. I'm taking him to the GP and will follow any advice given, thanks for the posts everyone you have definitely prompted me to maybe think again.

grumpygrumps Wed 29-Dec-10 17:31:53

Can I just add, ds has never suffered with complications from colds and flus in the past.

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Wed 29-Dec-10 17:37:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

orangeflutie Wed 29-Dec-10 18:38:26

I understand your dilemma as you have a DS with allergies. My DDs haven't had the MMR vaccine as I was very worried about side effects.

This year and last year however I had the flu jab and as someone who suffers with mild asthma myself, I would recommend it. If I get a cold, like most asthmatics it goes straight to my chest and I usually have to have antibiotics for a chest infection. I think with the flu jab the risk of getting flu outweighs any minimal side effects. In my case a sore arm.

My DDs fortunately atm do not have asthma, but if they did I don't think I would hesitate in giving them the flu jab. The risk of complications for asthmatics from flu is too great.

lucybrad Wed 29-Dec-10 18:47:41

our children and myslf have been vaccinated this year and last for the flu. Boh my sons and myslef have been diagnosed by nasal swab with influenza b, and i can tell you my son has been hosptalised ths week because of it. If he hadnt had the jab they said he and myself ( was pregnant when i had the flu) would have been even more ill. Please vaccinate! Its terrible hearing your child strugglng to breathe...

shantishanti Wed 29-Dec-10 18:53:21

I'm healthy, no asthma or any breathing problems but I've just had flu and can still hardly breathe ten days later. It's been quite frightening - I'm so glad I took DD for the jab last year as that along with bfing seems to have protected her (at least so far...fingers crossed).

The strains of flu around at the moment really seem to affect your chest, I really wouldn't take a chance on it if I had an asthmatic child.

ragged Wed 29-Dec-10 19:11:06

Disclaimer: I don't know much about allergies.

But I would be keen otherwise to get the flu jab for any of DC -- and they don't even have asthma. I had swine flu last year (shudder).

Has he had any other jabs, OP? Did he react badly to them?

mspotatochip Wed 29-Dec-10 20:46:17

Had DD(4) vaccinated. She has mild asthma that gets pretty severe with even minor viruses. We have a very allergic family. She had absolutely no side effects from jab. Go for it

grumpygrumps Wed 29-Dec-10 20:52:12

I've just come back from the GP and she has agreed to give ds the jab tomorrow. (Due to allergies she wanted inquire about the ingredients etc, whilst making sure a nurse and Epipen is available on site?)
Ds didn't experience any adverse reactions when he had previous vaccines as a toddler but the raw egg, latex and other bits and bobs contained in the vaccine causes slight concern for me and yes mainly the prospect of him being adminstered a vaccine I know nothing about apart from the fact it prevents flu hopefully.

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Wed 29-Dec-10 22:04:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grumpygrumps Thu 30-Dec-10 13:54:32

Went to see the doctor today and she was apparently advised by another doctor that ds should not be given the vaccine because of his allergies. She then persisted to call the drug advice line to query the components of the drug etc but was then told they are closed until 5th Jan. Meanwhile Ds and I were waiting for an hour in the the clinic with 40 other people coughing, barking sneezing all over the placehmmwhile then being told to come back next week for an update.(He'll be back at --the germ fest--school by then)sad

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Thu 30-Dec-10 14:03:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sadiemac Sun 09-Jan-11 00:24:50

My daughter age 11 and has mild asthma. After seasonal flu jab 6 years ago she was critically ill in hosp(virus/chest infection/never discussed link to jab) Care was excellent and I would never dismiss clinical medicine however the following year after she had flu jab the same happened again. Daughter recovered well and since then I have not had her vaccinated and combined her prescribed meds with lots of herbal things too, like honey,herba teas,sabucol etc.. Still I am completely torn about SF jab and if I should try again this year as scary news is a worry. Would like to hear if any other parents of asthmatics feel the same. I am not against vaccines but I do feel 2 out of 2 times is a bad stat for my daughter to be ill again.
I have heard vit D is an excellent immune booster and also now using Kaloba(herbal extract)...thanks for any feedback x

grumpygrumps Sun 09-Jan-11 16:42:47

I actually got ds vacinnated a few days ago. There were two GP's in the room armed with an Epipen and oxygen (really freaked me out) but fortunately no adverse effect took place - yet what I will say is ds is normally very athletic and plays for a high profile football club yet he seemed very drained and fatigued easily while playing a game which is very unusual for him. His arm is also a bit sore but I am pleased I got him vaccinated in the end because the worry was starting to take over my life.
I've also been giving him Vit D drops for the past few weeks as a precaution - it maybe a waste of money but my son, my cash so I'll happlily give anything a go.

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