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Why am I feeling so ill?

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winnybella Mon 27-Dec-10 20:40:38

Over a week ago DD and I got a cold- she had fever etc, but is fine now. I had runny nose etc, no fever, one night what I thought was a sinus pain, but in the last 2 or 3 days I was feeling much better, just a bit of a runny nose.

Today I woke feeling like I've been hit by a train- that horrible all-over achy feeling you get with a flu plus v. tired- I slept/dozed most of the day. But I haven't got a fever!

I've got an essay that has to be written tonight and delivered tomorrow, but I can't even focus.

Can you get a flu/virus with no fever?

winnybella Mon 27-Dec-10 20:46:48

moany bump

kid Mon 27-Dec-10 20:51:54

I've been ill for 11 days so far with the same symptoms you describe. Each time I feel like I'm getting better, I suddenly feel 10 times worse. The last symptom I've had is a massive headache.

Have you tried taking paracetamol and ibuprofen together? I found that really eased my pain for a few hours.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Pancakeflipper Mon 27-Dec-10 20:52:45

It could be a vile cold. They can floor you. But to be honest it does not matter what you label it as - it's horrid.

So off you trot/ shuffle and run yourself a bath with a relaxing bathfoam/oil. Take paracetamol. Hot water bottle in bed. Early night. And hopefully you will feel human tomorrow.

winnybella Mon 27-Dec-10 20:58:07

I feel like I would fall asleep in a bath and drown grin

It's really awful- I feel like I have a high fever, but I don't iyswim.

kid- 11 days shock- poor you.

kid Mon 27-Dec-10 21:02:53

I came down with it on my last day at work. I am expecting to be completely over it on my first day back at work! Personally, I think they owe me 2 weeks holiday grin

I've had lots of early nights and lots of naps during the day too. DH came down with it 5 days after me, DS is coming down with something today. Lets hope DD can avoid it altogether!

HormonesHollyandIvy Mon 27-Dec-10 21:04:48

I've had this too - for over a week. I ached all over (even my hair hurt!) and I had a barking cough.

I didn't have a high temp, but violent shivering for 2 days, on & off. And I completely lost my appetite (everything tasted like cardboard but smelled awful).

I'm feeling better now, but exhausted.

You really need to rest as much as you can, lots of drinks & painkillers - hope you feel better soon.

DioneTheDiabolist Mon 27-Dec-10 21:08:55

Winny, I'm feeling exactly the same. I had it at the start of last week, but it had eased off by Thursday pm. This morning it came back and hit harder. I would presume it was swine flu, but for the fact I have no fever.

Taking painkillers and drinking mulled cider (with lots of cloves, cinnamon and ginger). I just feel numb, foggy and tired but the pain has faded into the background.

Take care.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 27-Dec-10 21:15:56

I think you can get flu without a temp. Hope you feel brtter soon.

LoveMyGirls Mon 27-Dec-10 21:31:44

We've got it too, dh came down with it on the 15th dec, I came down with it on the 18th (the day after I broke up for hols) today is my first day without painkillers but I've now got period pains and have managed to pull a muscle somehow and feel totally sapped any energy, dd2 came down with the worst version on the 21st and dd1 came down with a mild version on the 24th. We have stayed in/ visited as few people as possible and intend to have a PJ day tomorrow and hope we are better in time to celebrate new year!

herbietea Mon 27-Dec-10 21:38:04

Message withdrawn

dikkertjedap Mon 27-Dec-10 21:40:33

When you have a runny nose it is much more likely to be a cold than a flu. I got something similar but with fever, so basically a very bad cold and probably a secondary infection (think chest and ear) waiting for GPs to open to get anti-biotics (hopefully) as nearest out of hours is 1.5 hour drive away and I am simply not up to it.

SleightiesChick Mon 27-Dec-10 21:40:47

OP, you mentioned 'a bit of sinus pain', and someone else here mentioned bad headaches - my DH had a sinus infection a few weeks ago and felt as though he'd been hit by a train. So it could be that, in which case see your doctor for antibiotics, or flu, in which case you're stuck with riding it out really sad Either way, you need to do the bed/fluids/painkillers thing for as long as necessary. Easier said than done over Christmas I know. Get well soon.

HormonesHollyandIvy Mon 27-Dec-10 21:44:13

LoveMyGirls - yy to the 'period' pains - I haven't had a period for years but have had horrible cramping, didn't know flu gave you this!

winnybella Tue 28-Dec-10 17:16:54

Arrgh. I thought I was feeling better in the morning, but no, all tired and achey and nauseous. Bit of runny nose and bit of cough. No fever, but feel awful.

I don't ever recall having a virus like that- it's either simple cold or like this but with fever.

And I wrote to my tutor saying that I won't be finishing my essay, so there goes the chance of a first for this course (was on a maximum extension already) angry

Spidermama Tue 28-Dec-10 17:27:33

I'm not normally troubled by my periods but am having the mother of all periods now. So it may be flu related eh? It certainly is merging in to all the other aches and pains.


I'm supposed to be having a NYE party on Friday. Not convinced its a good idea.

SleightiesChick Tue 28-Dec-10 23:09:58

winnybella is this your first attempt at this course? Could you ask for a deferral of the assessment because of mitigating circumstances (or whatever your institution calls it), which goes beyond the level of getting an extension? You would need a doctor's note but it's worth looking into and checking policies.

winnybella Tue 28-Dec-10 23:17:00

My tutor got back to me and said to write it within a day or so and he would get me an extension from the Chief Staff Tutor or whatever he's called.

But I'm not sure I'm up to it as I feel like crap. Less achey now, but more nauseous.

Spent two days in bed, arggh. Hope poor DD won't get it as she just got over bad cold. Also, since I'm still bf her 3 times a day, I hope that I'm passing some antibodies to her?

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