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plaster or no plaster?

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Canella Mon 27-Dec-10 16:55:54

ds2 (4) came home on weds with a blister on the back of his heel - think it might be from his snow boots (where we are its been snowing every day of december so he's had them on a lot) and they are not the most supportive type of shoes but great for the snow.

well anyway - it had popped so i covered it with a plaster while he was out and needing shoes on on thurs but i've left it open to the air whenever he was in the house cause it looked a bit yucky and wet with a plaster on it.

it was healing ok but then somehow first thing this morning he banged it on his bed frame and i think he must have knocked the scab off - there was drops of blood all over the bedroom and the bathroom! so i cleaned it up and have kept a plaster on it since.

but is this the right thing to do - is it better to leave ti to air dry or is there a bigger risk of infection now that its all open?

any nurses out there?

mololoko Mon 27-Dec-10 18:47:28

am not a nurse but this savlon spray stuff is great for blisters ime

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