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Minnerva how are you?

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orangeflutie Mon 27-Dec-10 14:47:30

Hiya hope you don't mind me starting this thread but I wondered how you're feeling after your operation and whether you had a good Christmas.

My original thread has disappeared and you might have problems finding it.

Thinking of you x

Minnerva Wed 29-Dec-10 17:29:02

Dea Orange

How lovely to receive your message-I actually saw it yesterday and bookmarked it as I was feeling quite rubbish and couldn't sit on the computer chair for very long to send you a reply.

I went admitted to hospital last Monday as you know-the operation went ahead and took approx 4 hours.I had my remaining ovary removed (oopherectomy-great name for a very painful procedure!!) and lots of endometrial tissue removed along with the aggressive endemetriotic chocolate cyst and the snaller cysts.Thank god they didn't have to perform a stoma-my surgeon sucessfully removed the cyst from the bowel without any lasting damage.I had an up and down cut-about a foot long-which is different to the cuts that I have had before.This is my 4th and hopefully last gynaecological op-I have had one keyhole and two side to side ops before this one.

As before there was no apparent cancer although we have to wait for the results from the tests before I can be truly confident of that but fingers crossed........

I also had metal clips this time-before it was always dissolvable stitches.I am visiting the district nurse tomorrow to have them removed.My poor stomach is sooooo swollen still and the bruising very apparent.

I feel really well this time-recovering faster than before which was a huge surprise to me-I left hospital after 3 days although this was very much my decision-my specialist wanted me to stay in longer but I was buggered if I was going to spend christmas in hospital!!

I am now fully into a premature menopause and have been reading a book that another mumsnetter recommended-scaring the life out of me tbh!!.I am experiencing hot flushes et al-all at the same time as my mum believe it or not.Going through the menopause with your mum-very odd indeed..............sad

Orange your posting made me a bit tearful-somebody that I have never met thinking of me and sending me best wishes-it definitely cheered me up .

How are you and what is happening with your health.Did you have a good christmas or were you up all night still worrying-would love to hear from you.

Very best wishes to you and yours,

orangeflutie Wed 29-Dec-10 18:59:38

Hello again Minnerva

I'm so pleased to see your post

It's also good to hear that you're recovering from your op quicker than before. It does sound like you've been through a lot and now you have to cope with the menopause. I'm also glad you got out of hospital for Christmas Don't blame you for wanting to get out. IME they're not very restful places anyway.

I had a good Christmas day but have felt a bit low over the last few days. I've upped my AD dose on the advice of my doctor and the higher dose has helped my sleep. I also had a good chat with my doctor over the phone about the surgery and she was very honest and did her best to reassure me. She has helped me enormously and I now feel a lot calmer about it all. She's also referring me to another gynae for a second opinion but actually I'm starting to feel that if it was possible I'd like the surgery earlier. So quite a turnaround for me

I had a bit of pain from the cyst during my period last week and was getting quite worried. However my doctor did say that if I was worrying about it rupturing I would definitely know about it if it happened.

This morning I went out for a run and have realised that atm I'm not in pain. I'm feeling happier and more positive today and reading your post has lifted me more.

Thank you x

orangeflutie Thu 30-Dec-10 11:19:42

Hello again

Sorry I forgot to ask how you're managing the menopause. Are you planning on taking supplements or HRT? I remember my mum being in a bit of a dilemma over it all.

Hope you're still recovering well x

Minnerva Mon 03-Jan-11 22:41:36

Hi Orange,

Had a bit of a setback at the end of last week-think that I managed to pull a couple of internal stitches as I got out of bed akwardly one morning-feeling better today though.

I will be phoning my surgery in the morning to make an appointment to see my doctor next weeek re:hrt and stuff.I really didn't want to take hrt-we eat a healthy organic diet in our house and I was totally against taking supplements until I read up on the subject of premature surgical menopause.Apparently it's really important that I take hrt until my 50th birthday.If I don't I risk all sorts of health issues later on like osteoperosis and clogged arteries.The benefits of taking hrt up until I am 50 far outweighs any negatives.It's a different thing though when you hit 50-you are at an increased risk of breast cancer etc then.

But this is all information that I have gleaned off of the internet and I am unsure of it's validity so will wait to hear what my doctor recommends.She knows how much of a pain I can be with regard to taking medication ( I hate taking any sort of drugs even paracetemol!!) and has always been sympathetic to my requests so whatever she recommends I will take I suppose.DH thinks that I should ask for a referral to a specialist but I am going to wait until my 6 week check up with the surgeon and question him further.

Orange are you still feeling positive?It was so nice to read your post and hear that you are managing to keep on top of it.And re: the cyst rupturing-yes-you would feel like you were dying if this happened!!. If you pain becomes too much to manage then you will have to up or change your painkillers.Until I had the operation that was what I had to do.Breakthrough pain means that the symptoms are not under control any more and rather than suffering you must see the doctor.

I hope that you had a relaxing and positive new year

orangeflutie Wed 05-Jan-11 19:12:07

Hi Minnerva

Hope you've been feeling ok over the last few days.

Interesting what you said about HRT. I didn't know how important it is to take it early. I hope you can get more information from your doctor and it matches what you read on the internet. It's very confusing when there are differing views.

I haven't got any more news about my surgery. I'm waiting to hear from the hospital with an appointment to see another gynaecologist, but because it's been Christmas and New Year, it may be a while yet.

I will keep you up to date x

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