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Strange finger?

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ALovelyBunchOfBaubles Thu 23-Dec-10 19:47:13

Hi looking for some advice regarding my index finger.

I have had a lump on the side of my knuckle joint for a couple of weeks now. It is sore to press and very hard and it is making my finger very swollen.

Could this be a chilblain? I have googled and saw loads of images of amputated fingers so now I'm panicky!

<steps away from google and awaits the real opinions>> smile


AnnoyingOrange Thu 23-Dec-10 19:52:07

could it be a gangalion?

ALovelyBunchOfBaubles Thu 23-Dec-10 19:54:27

I don't think so. I had an old boyfriend that had a ganglion and had it removed and it doesn't really look like that. Should I google again? grin

ALovelyBunchOfBaubles Thu 23-Dec-10 20:14:18

Definitely not a ganglion. If it is a chilblain can it be treated or will it just disappear?

OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Thu 23-Dec-10 20:55:58

probably going on too long for a chilblain, they go through a cycle - red and hot and super super itchy then purple and very sore if you knock them.

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