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wheezes! Any ideas!

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sleepingsowell Thu 23-Dec-10 15:38:56

Hi just thought I would see if anyone has any thoughts. I am on pills for blood pressure which list dry cough as a common side effect. I had a dry cough for weeks and weeks, it then got alot better but was followed by a kind of slight 'creaky' feeling on breathing, and a bit of a rattly cough. That's now gone but I'm left with a bit of a 'creak' or wheeze on breathing out, not breathing in though!
I've not been overly troubled by any of this, not felt ill. Just wondered if any one has experienced similar? And if there is anything to get rid of the lsight wheeze?

PixieOnaLeaf Thu 23-Dec-10 19:10:55

Message withdrawn

sleepingsowell Thu 23-Dec-10 19:18:13

aw thank you Pixie. Funnily enough I've made an appt for the new year to chat to the Dr as I felt it may be that the BP meds don't suit me. It will be interesting to see what she says. Thanks for the reply!

The wheeze has been alot better today, it will probably be gone completely by the time I see the Dr haha!

PixieOnaLeaf Thu 23-Dec-10 19:19:04

Message withdrawn

sleepingsowell Thu 23-Dec-10 19:21:32

Yup, it's always the way isn't it. I have been coughing for weeks and weeks and then literally the last couple of days it's just stopped, not that I'm complaining!
Thanks x

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