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anyone with type II diabtetes

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sincitylover Tue 21-Dec-10 20:24:08

ive been diagnosed with this for a year -having had two to three years previous of impaired glucose intolerance.

All this time (four to five years) my hbac has been between 6.6 and 6.9%. My most recent fasting was 6.2 and cholestrol is 5.6

My gp has now prescribed metformin but couldn't really say why (quoted NICE guidelines)

I am prob going to take it but bit worried about side effects.

But Im still not really clear why if hbac has been stable over all this time medication is necessary.

Or does the fact it has remained stable mean that my attempts to improve through diet and exercise have not been successful.

Perhaps Im in denial in fact I prob am. Anyone else in similar position.

Im well aware of the possible complications of this disease and obviously want to miminise the risk of these.

My db who also has type 2 says he gets two smiley faces at his clinic if his levels are as mine are.

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