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off to the docs tonight

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olijackmum Tue 21-Dec-10 13:20:16

I have had palpations in my chest for a weeks and now I have a constant burning and indigestion when I eat to the point where it is making me sick . So thought I bet go and get it checked out , anyone had any experience of anything like this . I have been trying gaviscon and remegel but it isnt working

dikkertjedap Tue 21-Dec-10 13:39:01

Sorry, no idea. Let us know how you get on at the doctor. Good luck.

olijackmum Tue 21-Dec-10 13:44:46

thank you

dawnrising Tue 21-Dec-10 15:49:34

Your symptoms sound as if you are stressed! Is there anything in your life that is causing you anxiety, fear etc?
Otherwise acid forming foods will contribute towards heartburn and indigestion - foods like fried, fatty, fast foods. Add lots of green living foods into your diet to help combat any acid reaction.
Meanwhile, explore your emotional situation as there-in could be the cause of your health condition.
Hope you feel better soon

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