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odd feelings in abdomen, dont think I'm preggers! What could it be?? bit TMI, sorry...

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missmakesstuff Sun 19-Dec-10 21:48:58

Hi, I had dd 8 months ago, had a C section. Breastfeeding, have just begun to drop feeds, also on mini pill, for about 3 months. were using some contraception, but mostly relying on BF (silly I know) No periods yet.

Have been getting very odd popping, bubbling sensations in my abdomen, so much so that have done 4 pregnacy tests, over the course of the last 8 weeks. They come and go - could easily be wind. (bit lactose intolerant)

Then have had days where have felt like just before I used to get my period - very tearful, emotional, very uncomfortable tummy, bloated, spotty face, lower back ache - but still, after well over a week of this, no period. The odd tiny spot of blood when wiping (sorry, TMI blush).

Another test says negative - the ony reason I keep checking is the very odd feelings - almost like when I first felt dd move, and these other odd symptoms - again, similar to when I was first pregnant - but then have had these feelings for months now - if I were pregnnt, the tests def would have come out positive by now! Can't shake the feeling though - the popping is just such an odd sensation!

Did anyone get anything like this when their cycles returned after children?? I can't justify going to the GP, they would think I was mad! I am just hoping its my body starting up the periods again, but I just wish I knew for certain. I used to suffer really badly with them - horrible pain and very heavy.

Anyone got any thoughts? fed up of googling all these symptoms and sitting around waiting for auntie flo, or a positive test!

ilovemyfestivehens Mon 20-Dec-10 02:53:38

It's normal to feel 'popping' like this. I had two sections, the last being 6 years ago, and the funny feelings persisted for a good couple of years. I think it's just your body getting back to normal.

If you've done quite a few tests and they're all negative then you're not pregnant. Perhaps the mini pill and breastfeeding is messing with your hormones and is delaying your period.

JamieLeeCurtis Mon 20-Dec-10 03:01:53

I had a section 10 years ago, and a vb 7 years ago. I also get these poppings - have always assumed it is wind. I have a Mirena coil so no periods but I do ovulate.

The sensations are very like the early movement sensations. They make me feel kind of wistful as I loved feeling the babies moving.

JamieLeeCurtis Mon 20-Dec-10 03:05:57

BTW - you will find mixed reviews of Mirena, but it has suited me well as I have no periods (bleeding), and very very minimal pain. You might not want to choose it if you are planning more DCs in the next few years, but thought I'd mention it as my periods used to be very painful before and between my DSs

elvisgirl Mon 20-Dec-10 04:37:28

I didn't have a c-section but have had a bubbling sensation like you describe occasionally over the last 2 yrs sinde having DS. I think it's something to do with things having moved around a bit inside after being pregnant so you are more aware of normal intestinal movements. I first experienced it at about 12wks pregnant so I initially thought it was baby-related at first.

missmakesstuff Mon 20-Dec-10 08:29:18

That does make me feel less worried - brilliant, thanks - it is just so like those early move,ent feelings! I began doubting myself, even after all the bloody tests!

Think I will wait until I get my period back, see how they are, but am considering the Mirena for then - only thing is, dd is number one, probably will want more within the next couple of years.

Thanks all - just couldn't have gone to the doc - knew I would get some reassurance on here!

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