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Is this an allergy to citrus fruits or just food intolerance

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Colourworld Thu 16-Dec-10 10:13:08

Sometimes when I eat citrus fruits I get a few itchy spots on my tummy, sometimes under my knees. It can also happen from eating strawberries but not always. Yesterday, I had four clementines and then I got itch on the sides of my "ribs" and the tummy. Does it sound like an allergy or food intolerance? Can my GP check it?
P.S. Apparently, I have also developed a kind of rough skin on the left side of my tummy with ocasional itch, like after eating citrus fruits but why do I have skin which looks and feels like goosebumps?

ilovemyfestivehens Thu 16-Dec-10 11:13:05

Sounds like a mild allergic reaction. Try taking an antihistamine when this occurs, if it helps, then it's an allergic reaction which has produced a histamine response.

Colourworld Thu 16-Dec-10 13:39:01

Just have eaten two. Will see how it goes. I have read on the internet that it is possible to develop allergy just to one type of citrus fruit or all of them. Next time I try satsumas or oranges. Thanks for suggestion
ilovemyfestivehens, did not think about taking antihistamine.

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