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Freakin toohache I think and fed up now.....

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Scruffyhound Wed 15-Dec-10 16:39:32

I have had a few colds over the last month the last one was a bit of a git which is fine. But woke up yesterday with pain in my cheek and as the day went on it got worse became swollen and red. I went to a walk in center as it was killing me by then. I saw the doctor after 2 hours and my son of 5yrs being a pain! He said it was porb an infection on my cheek he said I could take paracetamol. Im 24 weeks pregnant and have heard on the news that paracetamol and such like drugs in the 2nd trimester can increase the chance of cancer for the baby. This bloody cheek is killing and my tooth was horrible I got no sleep all night. I went to the dentist and she advised to leave it and take the course of antibioctics see how it goes as removing the tooth whilst pregnant is not really the best thing. So it hurts and im taking paracetamol every 4 hours and the antibiotics are there any suggestions for anything else I can do? My tooth is already a root canal so there are not many options I dont care about having it taken out but dentist is not keen. hmm

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