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Help- I need some advice.

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deepbluewave Tue 14-Dec-10 12:05:03

Hi, Im 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby.
Yesterday, I started to get a funny feeling with my vision, like a dizziness. The only way I can describe it, is like, when I looked, my vision,had to swirl round to catch up and register what I had seen. Despite this, I felt fine.
Last night, I woke with stomach ache, by 3am, it was coming in stabbing pains. I rang my out of hours Doc, who said, by the symptoms, I HADNT got, ie, no fever,no bledding/discharge, no fever, and pain quite high up- its not a miscarriage...this was fine, it setteled and I slept.
I now have stomach gripes again and funny vision.
Ive read up on Pre-eclampisa and I know my mother was on bed rest, in the last stages of her pregnancy with high BP.
Is it 'too' early to tell? Im I going mad? or should I be concerned?
I also cant reach my Midwife anyway, for my 16 weeks appointment and looks like I have to wait until the 10th Jan in the NY to make her clinic.
Just feel a little alone.
Also, keep getting a fluttering-is this my bambino?????


pokhara Tue 14-Dec-10 12:26:35

hi my firend has pre eclampsia from 20 weeks, i think that you should go and get checked out at the gp's to to be sure. The fluttering, i felt at 14 weeks and it was my baby, the midwife said not, but my dentist comented that she felt hers at 14 weeks, how lovely. Go and get checked out x

deepbluewave Tue 14-Dec-10 12:33:34

Thanks for that- I will try my MW again. I can test my own BP at work tomorrow- so I will see what it says. Think I will also buy the dipsticks they use at the chemist!

I think it is my baby, I had it yesterday too. Its a feeling I have never had before and it keeps occuring!

smee Tue 14-Dec-10 12:37:19

I agree with pokhara go and get checked - am sure you're fine, but last thing you need to be is worried. Why not ask your GP about pre-eclampsia and also explain about your mum. Be good for you to know what to look out for and for them to reassure you about what you're feeling now. fwiw, I had all manner of new pains and aches during pregnancy, but nothing turned out to be serious. Bet you'd find it hard to find anyone who hasn't worried about something at some point.

+ fluttering, yes could be baby. I could feel mine at 16 weeks. smile

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