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Broken Ankle; non weight bearing for 10 weeks, crutch & childcare tips advice please

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loonyrationalist Sun 12-Dec-10 15:07:53

Hello, Broken my ankle very badly & am to be non weight bearing for 10 weeks; and then further recovery after that; I am on day 3 & going bonkers!!

All your best tips & advice would be hugely welcome - I have 2 children 4 & 22 months for whom I need to care as much as possible (DH is working from home/ or GP's will be taking holiday to help me) but when DH is working I do need to disturb him as little as possible iyswim. TBH my 4 year old has been fantastic so far but I'm sure the point will come when she is fed up with "being a helpful girl"

So those of you who have been there & done that - please help

camdancer Sun 12-Dec-10 19:14:56

I've been there, although was only non-weight bearing for 5 weeks. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. It is hell on earth - sorry.

I broke my ankle in January and had a 10mo and nearly 3 yo. I just had to rely on people coming in to look after the children because I wasn't safe on my own. Hopefully with a 22mo and 4yo, they are a bit more self sufficient.

The things I found hardest were making meals as I couldn't carry things - especially hot things. After the initial couple of weeks of pain, I could get down onto the floor to play with the DC's, so as long as someone put nappy changing stuff on the floor I could do that. I also had a good line in bum shuffling, so could get around a bit.

Getting out of the house was hard, but Tesco have wheelchairs that you can use. You just ask at customer service. The chairs are easy to use and meant I could do something normal.

Um, what else? Listen to the docs. If they say don't bear weight then don't. The most important thing is that you are back up and running (well, walking) asap. I found that after 5 weeks of not putting any weight on it at all, I could walk using the cast as support. Then when the cast came off I didn't need the crutches at all.

Make sure you have a pillow under your cast in bed. Finding a comfy position to sleep in is very hard but if my leg was elevated it was easier.

And I hope that the GP's are useful, helpful types 'cos you are going to need them. Bite your tongue and remember that you can undo any issues once you are mobile again. Please don't ask me about the state of our playroom. I had just sorted out all the boxes. It was so beautiful. Grrrr.

I'll post more if I can think of anything. I hope you aren't in too much pain.

loonyrationalist Sun 12-Dec-10 19:23:43

Camdancer - thank-you so much for the response I'm glad you recovered well

The pain isn't too bad - the frustration is much more annoying iyswim.

The wheelchairs at Tesco is also a great idea, I'm already going stir crazy at the thought of not leaving the house for 10 weeks except for going to hospital appointments.

You're right about sleeping it is hard - the nurses in hospital showed me the pillow trick

Thanks again - just knowing you got through it has helped me feel more positive.

Jonny69 Thu 29-Sep-11 20:55:10

I broke my ankle11 days ago (double fracture dislocation). Had it screwed back together by surgeons 4 days ago. My wife works full time and I look after our 15mo full time. Can't put weight on ankle for five weeks from operation date. I also cant stand using crutches for more than 60 seconds without intense pain. This is an absolute sod.
Mum in law came to look after us first week (thanks Chris). For this week and next we have hired our cleaner (also ex full time nanny/housekeeper). So glad to be able to do this but it is, of course, very expensive. I am keen on finding ways of doing baby care things without standing up so much. Looking forward to pain lessening which will help with this.
Also intend to hire/buy wheel chair for these 5 weeks. Don't know if I can find a safe way of transporting darling girl out with me (push chair is a no go). Could I have some sort of a front sling as for a young baby but proto-toddler sized? At least I could get to the shops (and evening pub when dw home!)
Will post any useful discoveries I make. My heart goes out to single parents especially who find themselves in this position.
Top tips so far:
Listen to doctor.
Take codeine plus parecetomol for pain swelling reduction.
If taking Codeine other opiates take senokot each day before you need it.
Get extra padding over opeation scars when cast is renewed.
Good luck.

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