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Parvo virus.......

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happypiglet Sat 11-Dec-10 16:58:09

Three weeks ago me and DD had slapped cheek or parvo virus... We had throat infections and I had a rash all over me but my face was the worst with a sand paper rash and swelling. Anyway with ABs it went after a week.
Last Friday (over a week ago) a got flu symptoms, aches, awful throat, really heavy cold. On Tues last week my face started swelling again. By yesterday the throat is better and cold getting there but my face is a mess.... Tight burning skin, swollen and very flaky. Then last night I developed lots of small spots along my jaw line which are really itchy. Been to out of hours GP today and been given a steroid, AB cream and anti histamines.
I am so down about it. I keep using E45 to try to reduce rash and flakiness and 'tightness' but it just won't improve.
Will got to own GP Monday but wondered if any one else had experienced this sort of thing with parvo???

sockonmyhead Sat 11-Dec-10 19:05:03

hi, have no experience with parvo but my son gets very red raw cheeks and e45 seems to make it worse. He had diprobase from the doc and that does help. Could all the stuff you're putting on be making it worse?

Sorry you are feeling down, i'm sure it will start to improve soon!

happypiglet Sat 11-Dec-10 19:11:15

Thanks sock I had had that thought too.... Interesting about your son. May just leave it alone and see what happens.... Thanks for your good wishes's a bummer but Strictly helped!

lilyliz Sun 12-Dec-10 20:51:16

I had parvo about 10 yrs ago same symptoms as you,doc didn't give me anything just said it would go on it's own,it did but I had to really slather on cream to my face as so tight and flaky,good news was after it had gone I had lovely skin as if I had a face peel,suppose I had in a sort of way.mind you I didn't appreciate getting called the lizard by the DH and DCs

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