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How often can you see a GP without wasting his time?

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Ilovebaking Fri 10-Dec-10 16:46:05

Just wondering. DC has been very poorly, high fever, diagnosed ear infection (three times since September) for almost a week now and rather than improving it is worsening - GP says it is a virus don't worry. However, I am worrying ...a lot ... I know a child who ended up with permanent brain damage due to untreated ear infection, so yes, I worry. Have seen GP for third time this week today, GP said not to waste their time. More or less said that I should not take DC back for a while as there was nothing they could do anyway and I was wasting valuable NHS resources. I understand it is annoying for the GP. What should I do? How can I stop worrying? I am a long way from a hospital if I need to take DC to hospital. Advice appreciated.

rubyslippers Fri 10-Dec-10 16:47:10

Did they really say that if he is worsening ?

Alouiseg Fri 10-Dec-10 16:51:20

Make an appointment with a different GP at the practice. Or. Go to an out of hours surgery when he has a temperature.

If you or anyone else in your house smokes, stop them immediately.

Keziahhopes Sat 11-Dec-10 01:02:04

If a child has a worsening ear infection, am curious how that is a virus and therefore not needing medical treatment. Though am not medical, but every ear infection I have had has been bacterial - they can swab for specific bacteria and treat (that is not normally needed I hasten to add!)

If your child is poorly and not responding to treatment I would do as Alouiseg says - seek another dr's apt (when has a temp is good tip, and out of hours dr's don't tend to turn patients away, 6.30pm onwards ours works!), or even your health visitor? Yes, smoking not good for infections of ears.

Keziahhopes Sat 11-Dec-10 01:04:30

PS - I suffered greatly from repeated ear infections as a child, and still as an adult -- taking pain relief is important,regularly, and I found sucking ice lollies helped, as it hurts to chew etc (still do that now, though use antibiotics - or even better get the ENT nurse to put antibiotic cream on infected part of middle ear as it treats infection immediately - whereas drops slide off!).

Ilovebaking Sat 11-Dec-10 22:39:32

Thanks all for the advice. Today we went to see a private paediatrician who has prescribed medication and said that dc needs to be seen by ENT specialist. He is going to write to the GP, hopefully that helps. Otherwise will look for other GP. He also said that he is seeing an increased number of cases of mastoiditis (which can result in brain inflammation) as apparently GPs are missing cases of severe ear infection ... So he has advised to remain on the case, even if it annoys GP ...

thenightsky Sat 11-Dec-10 22:42:26

Sympathy OP... my DD had endless ear infections when she was pre-school age. She has been left with only 30% hearing in her right ear because of it and GPs telling me there was nothing to do about it sad

Ilovebaking Sat 11-Dec-10 22:44:47

Oh, and we don't smoke and are very careful that dc is not near smokers. I think may be it is because all the colds going round. We were also told today that the moment dc gets a cold we need to use Otrivin in a low dose as possible for maximum up to 4 days (followed by a minimum 1 week break) and to give oral anti-histamine pretty much all through the autumn/winter/spring as it shrinks the adenoids, which helps to drain the nose/ears etc. The idea is that hopefully in future the cold doesn't trigger such a severe ear infection with everything being totally blocked. So, worth a try, ...

borderslass Sun 12-Dec-10 12:32:19

Keep at them DD1 suffered repeated ear infections from about 8 months until she was 3 she ended up with perforated ear drum and went temporarily deaf in one ear it was corrected but if doctors had listened it wouldn't of happened.

Keziahhopes Sun 12-Dec-10 18:28:05

Ilovebaking - so pleased to hear the paediatrician took you seriously! I had mastoiditis as a child, major surgery, ages off school etc... not nice! ENT is the way to go.

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