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CABG - first-hand experience anyone>

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eemie Wed 08-Dec-10 18:35:47

Dh will be having triple bypass soon. I have read up about it but would welcome any personal experiences - hard to imagine from the carer's pov at the moment.

Will be at King's, don't know which ward yet.

He's been in hosp three weeks & I'm already at low ebb - need to be as prepared as poss


eemie Wed 08-Dec-10 18:40:30


stanausauruswrecks Wed 08-Dec-10 20:31:19

I don't have first hand experience, but have lots of experience with CABG patients.
If you want to pm me a list of questions I'm happy to answer them.

Pheebe Wed 08-Dec-10 21:12:30

My mum had a triple bypass 18 months ago. She's fine and dandy now, better than ever infact. She was home in less than 2 weeks although it took her a good 3 or 4 months to feel back to her old self.

What was it you wanted to know?

eemie Thu 09-Dec-10 12:49:43

Thanks. I suppose I'm interested in the kind of things the brochures don't tell you, the more personal side.

Dh should be a reasonably 'good' patient, I think but has never been in hospital before and is even afraid of the dentist so it's a big deal for him. For example I'm told the sternotomy clicks a lot at first - helpful to be able to warn him about that kind of thing.

Pheebe Thu 09-Dec-10 14:37:24

Hmm, the fatigue was mums main concern. It takes a long time to recover and he should expect to feel 'weary' and easily tired for a good couple of months. Mum was given an exercise program after a few weeks and overdid it on a couple of occasions and paid for it with a few days in bed. Mum says she never had any 'clickiness' although she was and is very aware of the scar which comes quite far up into her neck line. The other thing she mentioned was the permanently swollen foot she has now in the leg they stripped the vein from. Annoying in terms of getting shoes to fit but not painful or anything.

Mum had her op at wythenshaw and they had a group of expatients that visited everyone having the op and sat and spoke to them. Worth asking if there's a similar organisation at his hospital.

All the best to you both, the first 48 hours will be scariest for you (your DH will be sedated so not really aware). Don't be too alarmed by all the wires etc he'll have in place. The nurse explained to us that they were all there so they didn't have to keep poking and proding and disturbing mum while she was recovering and mum said she barely noticed they were there anyway.

It is amazing how quickly they recover from it. Once mum was off HDU (3 days) she was back on her feet within days.

Take care of yourself too xxx

eemie Thu 09-Dec-10 23:11:41

Thanks very much Pheebe, that's really helpful.

His transport to King's was five and a half hours late so they were still clerking him in when I had to leave at nine fifteen this evening.

But seems he's all set for tomorrow. I did get to speak to one of the surgeons and find out exactly what procedure they're planning.

Will visit him before he goes to theatre tomorrow but don't think I'll be keeping vigil in the relatives' room all day. Dd probably needs me more.

Pheebe Fri 10-Dec-10 13:51:30

Thinking of you all eemie, much love to you and strength to your DH xxx

eemie Fri 10-Dec-10 17:42:02

Operation cancelled at 2.30pm after he'd been prepped, starved, on dextrose and insulin drip, ready and waiting for three and a half hours.

Leak in theatre, compromised sterile field, emergency building works, operation Tuesday at earliest.

Thanks for good wishes - we need them!

puzzlepetal Fri 10-Dec-10 21:09:49

That sounds awful. So sorry you are having to go through all of this. I look after CABG patients and have done for 20 years so will watch your thread and offer advice if you need it xx

eemie Sat 11-Dec-10 00:38:24

Thanks puzzlepetal

Pheebe Sat 11-Dec-10 09:25:07

O no eemie, how stressful for you all :{

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