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Painful Breast Lump

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sockonmyhead Sun 05-Dec-10 11:46:05

Hi, on Friday I noticed a swollen area sort of inside the bottom part of my breast, it's sore and tender if poked. If isn't a mobile lump, more a lumpy area stuck to my chest.

Saw the out of hours GP yesterday about something else, but also mentioned this. He didn't seem concerned, didn't examine it and said to keep an eye on it, probably mid-cycle changes.

I'm 30, no history of cancer in my family but I am obviously still worrying myself silly about this. I'll probably go to my GP tomorrow but wondered if anyone could offer any advice in the mean time? Googling has made me panicy!

RustyBear Sun 05-Dec-10 12:01:36

Definitely go to your doctor about it - I found a painful lump when I was 23 and worried about it for a good few weeks until my sister practically dragged me to a doctor, who confirmed it was a cyst and unlikely to become a problem.

It did come and go according to the time of the month for years - I'm now 53 and menopausal and it's a bit more erratic now, but I suspect that it's actually there all the time now & it's just that I only notice it occasionally.

sockonmyhead Sun 05-Dec-10 12:15:43

Thanks Rusty, will def go to the doc, I just wish I had pushed the dr on it more yesterday. I felt reassured for about five minutes and now am back to fretting.

I automatcally think the worst and while everything I read makes me low risk for cancer, the lump still exists! I thought it would have gone by now if it was just a cycle thing.

sockonmyhead Sun 05-Dec-10 15:05:01

Just wondering if anyone else had some experience to share? Need to stop thinking about this but I can't

sandripples Sun 05-Dec-10 16:52:00

Sock - you really mustn't google on this topic - its too terrifying. I've been through a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment this year and many other women will also say not to go to the Internet!

I can only suggest you keep calm and wait till you know what you're dealing with - much easier said than done, I know. But go to your GP and if he/she is concerned they'll send you for a mammogram and all this takes a little time. The waiting for results is the hardest thing.

But try not to panic as it is most likely to be a cyst.

If you do get sent for a mammogram and need some virtual support, the Tamoxifen thread is where to come. I have found it hugely helpful. I was diagnosed from a routine scan and it was a huge shock but here I am, having emerged from treatment and I'm doing very well.

SparkleRainbow Sun 05-Dec-10 16:53:13

I have no experience of this, but I did start with bleeding discharge recently, and my gp sent me to breast clinic at the hospital, where they found a lump and I am going in for a biopsy on Tuesday. Go back to your gp, and push for a referral to the breast clinic the experts will be able to put your mind at rest I am sure. Good luck

Elibean Sun 05-Dec-10 22:13:43

I have something that I would describe in exactly the same way - just lumpy tissue at the bottom part of my breast. I had it biopsied a few years ago, its benign changes probably due to hormonal fluctuations (IVF treatment and a few miscarried pregnancies) and the breast surgeon has kept an eye on it since. No further problems, but still gets sore and tender at times, and more or less lumpy but never goes.

That said, googling or MN feedback can only give you what other people have had/have: you need specific feedback for yourself - and only a doctor can give you that. Do go to your GP tomorrow, and ask for a referral - even if its just for peace of mind, its definitely worth it!

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