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Neck hurting after a fall

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MyBrilliantCareer Sat 04-Dec-10 19:37:04

Just want a moan please, and some advice if you will:

I fell off my bike about 10 days ago and hit my head on the road. The next day my neck was stiff and sore (and lower back too) - and the bruising and black eye etc but that's not what's giving me the headaches.

My spine has felt all "cricky" since and I have annoying headaches/tiredness that don't respond to normal painkillers. I think it's just stiffness/ache in the spine from the fall.

It's impacting me in that by 3pm I'm shattered and want nothing more than to leave work and sleep. I also can't get anything (at all) done on the weekends as I feel so bleugh.

What should I do? Have already seen the physio for my knee which I injured, and that was £60. I really can't afford another pop at the physio.

AnnOnimous Sat 04-Dec-10 23:55:26

A and e

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