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When do hormones go back to normal post birth?

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Rozo Sat 04-Dec-10 10:44:59

Hello All

Great to read your messages hope you don't mind me mailing within this topic as although I don't have CFS or ME I do have less acute adrenal fatigue with a low DHEA and erratic cortisol count which can lay me quite low when it hits and affects me mentally as well as physically.

To give a quick snapshot after the planned birth of my DD I finally got round to looking into why I'm knackered so much of the time with other related symptoms and did the saliva test. Didn't manage to get round to starting any treatments though and just gave up coffee which has helped a bit. I've now had DD2 in Feb and am desperate to try to get my AF sorted out but as it is so expensive to get tested and find a private doctor that knows about this (seems the NHS just doesn't understand it) I wanted to embark on that once my hormones have stabilised again post birth.

So my question is how many months after giving birth does one's hormones go back to pre-pregnancy state?

Thanks very much and do let me know if I should find a different topic to post under I'm fairly new to Mumsnet. confused

Rozo x

SparkleRainbow Sat 04-Dec-10 11:27:41

It depends whether you breastfeed or not. For me I have taken a long time after delivery to get back on an even keel, coming up to a year, but I have breast fed all of mine, and that might just be me. Hopefully someone else will be along with more experience.

spidookly Sat 04-Dec-10 11:34:33

Ime not so far (dd1 2.8) but I've been either pregnant or breastfeeding (or both) ever since.

Rozo Sat 04-Dec-10 11:40:24

Thanks SparkleRainbow, I breastfed for 20 weeks. I've heard someone say it takes 2 years until one is totally back to normal but I don't know if that's including the 9 months pregancy. I'd love to know the medical answer (any doctors out there?) not just when it feels like one's back to normal as that will affect my results.

indigobarbie Sat 04-Dec-10 22:13:58

Hi Rozo, I had severe SPD during my pregnancy and was advised that this was due to hormone relaxin which is responsible in allowing the womb to grow. I have noticed a big difference in my pain levels, they are almost nothing compared to what they were - I am 9 months PP. I don't breastfeed any more. I'm not sure on the correct medical answer, but my physio advised that it can take up to a year for hormones to settle. I'd say mine are still settling. HTH

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