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Dental Advice - pretty please ?

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gingeroots Fri 03-Dec-10 10:12:40

I am waiting for a gold inlay to be fitted on 13 Dec .
Have temporary filling - very large in a back molar .
Lost temp filling once already ,replacement yesterday which is chipped already .
New appt for Monday .
Appart from being v.careful - which I promise I am - any advice on how to keep uncovered area clean ,free from nasty germs taking root . Mouthwash ?
Any other advice on how to retain filling gratefully received .

ragged Fri 03-Dec-10 12:14:17

Mouthwash & avoiding chewing on that side altogether is all I can think.

alypaly Sat 04-Dec-10 00:12:26

buy some toofy pegs from the chemist.

Ewe Sat 04-Dec-10 00:26:01

Corsodyl mouthwash is what my dentist advised me to use between my root canal treatments which is similarish process.

gingeroots Sun 05-Dec-10 09:53:54

Thanks guys .
What are toofy pegs?

alypaly Sun 05-Dec-10 16:31:40

toofy pegs is a kit that that mends crowns or has filler that you can create a temporary filling. i take it every where with me as i have a few crowns. it goes on holiday with me because one year i went scuba diving and came up to the top with my front crown in my mouth. I wasnt going to risk going to a greek dentist so ihad no front tooth for 12 days of my 2 week holiday. No smiling for me on the photos that year. i looked like witchypoogrin

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