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Low GI diet anyone?

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VFemme Thu 02-Dec-10 11:40:41

Dh has been put on a low GI diet as of NOW (to lower his cholesterol).

He's been given a sample list of foods and their GI index but it's confusing the hell out of the pair of us.

So we've established:

High GI = bad
Low GI = good

Watermelon is high, but apples are low.
Cornflakes are high, but All-Bran is low.

It's just not intuitive enough for me... we had steak and salad for dinner - was that high or low GI? The salad had feta cheese in it - did that ruin it?


is anyone else out there on a low GI diet? How difficult is it?

artifarti Thu 02-Dec-10 12:04:26

I did it as a diet a few years ago and lost quite a bit of weight and was very healthy. It isn't intuitive in many cases but you get to know most things after a while and I found a lot of it became second nature. The book by Rick Gallop is very good in terms of lists of whether things are high, medium or low. I seem to remember that meals sort of even themselves out (grin) so just because you eat one High GI thing doesn't ruin the whole meal!

I still try and eat like that now but I'm a greedy pig!

VFemme Fri 03-Dec-10 01:59:44

Thanks artifarti.

We're determined to give it a go, so I'll look up the Rick Gallop book.


Furball Fri 03-Dec-10 06:59:12

you might find this list useful

this site has a gi calculator on the left for you to look up any food.

you may also find this board interesting

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