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Anyone ever had Baker's Cyst? Just been diagnosed!

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LadyInaManger Wed 01-Dec-10 14:42:15

Been having pain behind my right knee for a few days so popped to Doctor's this morning for them to diagnose Baker's Cyst. Behind my knee it is swollen and so tender to touch.

Anyone else have this or had this. I just need some advice to stop me freaking out as DVT is mentioned and a family member died from that on her knee this year sad.

alypaly Wed 01-Dec-10 23:55:55

had 2. one on each knee. Went to a rheumatologist who put a needle in joint...took away some of the fluid to make sure that there was no infection and then put at depo-medrone injection in which solved my problems. i could hardly bend my knee before i had it done. they have never returned.

LadyInaManger Thu 02-Dec-10 08:52:50

OMG alypaly - i was told it is very rare to get two at the same time so you were soooo unlucky!

I will bear that in mind and i am most encouraged to hear they have never returned!

Do you know why you got them? I was told it was because i had upped my exercise routine and put pressure on my knee. I could understand if i was overweight but i'm 54kg and only been going for a walk twice a week for an hour.

Thankyou for your post, my DH is under a rheumatologist so if i need to see one i know a good one.

So glad you are completely free of them now smile

alypaly Thu 02-Dec-10 12:49:01

they werent at the same time....they were a few months apart.

i am a very sporty lady and the are normally caused by trauma to the joint. the joint produces fluid and it makes the knee sweel and also the tissue at the back as the fluid hasnt got many places to go. the knee just feels tight and difficult to bend. i couldnt kneel down properly at all it was really painful. you can almost see the fluid round the knee cap and you can feel the swelling behind the knee. thay are very common especially in active

Pandsbear Thu 02-Dec-10 14:01:40

Hi, I had one behind my right knee. I also have rheumatoid arthritis that was active at the time and I think it was related to that. It was like having a squishy tennis ball behind my knee! Painful and stopped my knee bending.

Well it burst. Excruciating pain in the back of my leg, went to Dr, who sent me off to hospital where they were looking for DVT as the symptoms of a burst Baker's cyst are similar to DVT. Had ultrasound scan but fortunately it was all clear.

I was on lots of RA medication as well so the inflammation and pain was being controlled. It has never come back. However I really wouldn't recommend this as a way to get rid of a baker's cyst! Taking the fluid out is probably a much better option wink

LadyInaManger Thu 02-Dec-10 14:20:47

Glad you clarified that alypaly otherwise i couldn't imagine how you would be able to walk. I guess i have been more active than usual which then aggravated the knee joint.

pandsbear how dreadful that yours burst - that is what i am most afraid of. Am taking anti-inflammatries (is that the same as RA meds, if not what are RA meds). Apparently they are more commen if you have a history of rheumatoid athritis or eosteoperosis. Your description is exactly what i have got - a squishy ball behind my knee and general swelling down my leg. Hurts quite a bit when i lie down and put pressure on it and feels better when i move around which ive been told not to do at the moment. Def no exercise for a while too.

Hope this is an one off and i will be extra careful in the future. Thanks for all your advice and hope yours don't ever return!

alypaly Thu 02-Dec-10 17:18:55

its funny actually they did some blood tests for RA ...esr crp etc as they though i might be starting with RA as i had other symptoms like dry eyes and other things.

can highly recommend the steroid injection though as it cleared it up so quickly.

Pandsbear Fri 03-Dec-10 13:27:34

Did your Dr give you any options to help? The anti-inflamms will help a bit but either draining the cyst or - as alypaly says - a steriod injection to reduce the inflammation is the way to get rid of it properly. If you just have the anti-inflamm and they aren't helping make sure you head straight off back to the Dr.

LadyInaManger Fri 03-Dec-10 13:56:25

Thanks Pands i def will do. Just wish this bleddy snow would go as terrified of leaving house in case i slip - my leg is bad enough without damaging it further. DD couldn't get to school yesterday as i couldn't take her and DH is picking her up in a minute as he is working 2.30pm.

On a positive note, it does seem a little better today but still so tender and swollen though swelling reduced from all the elevating i have been doing - been a great excuse to catch up on desperate housewives etc grin

alypaly Fri 03-Dec-10 14:48:45

rest will help a bit, but it can come back once you get mobile again. Seriously i can recommend the injection. When they do it the fluid they take out of your knee should be a clear straw colour and not cloudy. Its worth getting it seen to incase it is infected.

LadyInaManger Fri 03-Dec-10 15:23:03

Yes will return next week and hope they will do that if no better. Thanks again for your great advice alypaly and pandsbear, i so appreciate knowing i am not alone with having had this.

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